Who says we are not heading toward a centralized Marxist-controlled economy?
Look at federal Covid-19 restrictions when they came down in 2020. Companies could not buy back stocks, dividend increases were restricted, landlords could not evict, and mortgage holders were forced into forbearance – accept zero monthly payments. Now Biden demands vaccine discrimination for your employment or enlistment and federal rationing of Monoclonal Antibody therapies. This last demand is being added to Obama health care restrictions and control.  A huge increase in central controls in one year no, matter how they came into our lives.
What will trigger the next validation of tranches of Washington, DC Marxist controls? Every time we allow them we lose another freedom.
(If Washington was alive today I believe he would be mortified to be associated with DC.)
Throw in shutting down restaurants, gyms, mass transportation, and other previously private responsibilities to manage and execute as a free enterprise, and you have a Marxist venue to central control of the economy.
Now, look at taxing. It literally takes the productivity of the free citizen away and gives it to the government entities- local, state, and federal. Deficits guarantee more takings of the product of your lifelong work by the federal government, IE savings, income, and property.
Marx’s Communist Manifesto required that a centrally controlled economy had to have: No right to inheritance, a progressive income tax, a central bank, and land rents- property taxes.
Gee does that look like reality here in the USA? Remember how much control the feds have over states and their spending. No state could balance its budget for long (Texas for instance) if the feds stop subsidizing all the “mandated programs” they force on the states. Education is just such one of too many “mandates” to list.
Under Trump welfare went down by almost 50%, strict regulations and mandates were reduced, wages- keeping your work product- went up while your taxes went down, a double wealth factor. Yet sadly deficits went up. There is much more work to be done in Trump fashion.
If any candidate running for any office does not support cutting debt, central controls, deficit spending, and Marxist-style taxes I am against them. The true barometers of a well-run economy are sales taxes. (The only tax Marx did not support was a sales tax to run the government. It’s a freedom tax, if you cannot afford to pay it you are not forced to, Marx’s  taxes, and ours today, you and your offspring are constricted for life to pay them, AKA – enslaved by the master for life.)
Reality sucks. What will it take to change it?
Thank You,

Jeff Frost
738 West Shore Road
Alexandria, NH 03222