Tag: John Tousignant

All About PoutineFest!

(Hour 2c) Rich was joined by John Tousignant of the Franco-American Center.  He talked to us about PoutineFest, telling us about it’s history and the significance of the event in Manchester.  Finally, we heard a story from...

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Derry Fire staffing concerns

(Hour 2b) There was an unfortunate fire in Derry where someone lost their life.  They said that the death was directly related to the staffing issue, but Rich had to disagree.  He wondered if it was an issue of not having enough...

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An education for people’s palettes

(Hour 1b) John Tousignant, of the Franco-American Centre, joined us this morning.  John came on the show to raise awareness about his organization and the events that they are hosting.  Tune in to this highly amusing segment to...

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