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The Override of Bills

(Hour 3b) Kimberly Morin joined us for Politically Buzzed to talk to us about veto overrides at the Statehouse.  She specifically dealt with Senate Bill 116, otherwise known as the Constitutional Carry Bill.  She also discussed...

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Rep Boehm’s Bill Discussion

(Hour 2a) Special Guest Host Ann Marie Banfield interviewed Rep. Ralph Boehm this morning and they kicked off the conversation by discussing Senate Bill 116.  They moved on to education issues and discussed House Bill 332.  Tune...

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The Monday Mash-Up

(Hour 1a) As the show started Rich gave us a picture of his weekend.  He let us know how the attendance was for the  Coalition of NH Taxpayers event and gave us some details about the event itself.  We need to start working...

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The Governess and gun laws

(Hours 1b&c) Governess Margaret Wood Hassan is still getting in the way of Senate Bill 116.  Rich gave some details from her veto message.  Jim Gaudet, retired police officer, chimed in with his opinion.  Is this about...

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