Hassan:  Vetos again and again

Hassan: Vetos again and again

Her Highness the Governess Margaret Wood Hassan’s veto stamp continues to fly.  Yesterday, Hassan vetoed House Bill Four Forty Nine, which absolves parents of the requirement to provide child support for a child over eighteen who is pursuing a G E D or similar high school equivalency certificate and exempts parents from having to provide support for a child over 18 who is incarcerated.  She seems to think requiring one parent to pay another parent support for an adult child in jail could quote “greatly inhibit our efforts to help youthful offenders put their lives back on track.”  She does make a case for not eliminating child support for kids going through alternative paths of education.  However, all the bill does is eliminate requirements, not the opportunity to provide support.

Olsen: Hassan refused to meet Women’s Defense League

As predicted, Hassan also vetoed Senate Bill One Sixteen, which, if enacted would:  Increase the length of time for which a license to carry a pistol or revolver is valid.  II. Allow a person to carry a loaded, concealed pistol or revolver without a license unless such person is otherwise prohibited by New Hampshire statute.  III. Require the director of the division of state police to negotiate and enter into agreements with other jurisdictions to recognize in those jurisdictions the validity of the license to carry issued in this state.  And, IV. Repeal the requirement to obtain a license to carry a concealed pistol or revolver.  Said Hassan:  “I support the Second Amendment and I believe that Americans have a right to responsibly own guns for personal safety, hunting, and recreation. However, I also recognize the need to balance the rights of gun owners with the rights of all New Hampshire citizens to be safe in their communities.  With this consideration, I believe that New Hampshire’s current law is appropriate and responsible.”  

Guns in the WORKPLACE

Guns: Hassan says “open carry” if you dont want a permit to conceal carry.

She went on to note that citizens don’t need to obtain a permit to carry a weapon.  No, the governor concerned about safety if this bill were to become law said people are now able to open carry under current law, as if they should.  Hassan wrote, quote “Throughout the process on Senate Bill 116 I have heard concerns from law enforcement and public safety officials, as well as citizens across New Hampshire, about allowing individuals to carry concealed guns without a license. They oppose removing the protections that the licensing process offers to help ensure that potentially dangerous individuals are not allowed to carry hidden weapons and I share their concerns.”  What she didn’t say, of course, was that she wouldn’t meet with those in favor of the bill, like the Women’s Defense League, which pointed out the current law’s deep discriminatory roots.  I guess she just ignored the thousands of messages she received in favor of the bill.

Bradley:  Veto makes no sense

Bradley: Veto makes no sense

Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, Republican from Wolfeboro and sponsor of the bill, issued a statement which read quote:  “The Governor’s veto of this measure makes no sense from a public safety perspective and undermines constitutional protections law abiding NH citizens expect.”

Flanagan:  Promises veto override vote

Flanagan: Promises veto override vote

House Majority Leader Jack Flanagan, Republican from Brookline, issued a statement pledging an override vote,  saying quote ““Governor Hassan’s veto sends the wrong message to New Hampshire’s large population of law abiding gun owners.  SB 116 is a reasonable and long overdue measure that will extend freedom for our responsible firearms community, and will be an overall deterrent to crime.”

Jasper:  Stands for Democrats. Tells gov. to let them let their conscience be their guide

Jasper: Stands for Democrats. Tells gov. to let them let their conscience be their guide

Oh, and one more note from Concord.  House Speaker Shawn Jasper, Republican from Hudson, is standing up for Democrats in the House.  He ought to.  After all, they all voted to make him speaker.  Anyway, He’s written an Op. Ed., which we’ve published at Girard at Large dot com, calling on the governor to release members of her party to vote their conscience on the state budget instead of enforcing a party line.

Jasper:  Budget veto could cause local property taxes to spike

Jasper: Budget veto could cause local property taxes to spike

Among other things, Jasper wrote, quote:  “In a recent letter to the governor, I reminded her that we have confirmed, through the Legislative Budget Assistant, that the budget she vetoed is a balanced spending plan, addressing many of the concerns that she had brought to the legislature.”  End quote.  He went on to list the consequences of operating under a continuing resolution.  Among them was a spike in local property taxes across the state as communities go to the Department of Revenue Administration to set their tax rates and have to offset promised state revenues that were a victim of the veto with property taxes to ensure their budgets don’t go into the red.

We’ve linked to all of the veto messages, bills and Op Eds so you can take a look and see for yourself.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ____ is next.