rich girard homelessness plan

Cracking Down on Homeless Vagrancy

The city has been overwhelmed by homeless individuals because it essentially rolled out the red carpet and invited them to come to the city. "It's sort of like 'if you build it, they will come.'"


Fixing our Failing Schools

The time has come for city schools to compete in the marketplace of ideas, give parents more options and stop trapping kids by their zip codes.

manchester nh housing

Increasing Housing

It's a matter of increasing supply to meet demand, not increasing government to dictate to markets.

rich girard's crime reduction plan

Reducing Crime and Protecting Neighborhoods

Quality of life has degraded substantially and crime is on the rise in the city. 

Help Wanted sign displayed in a shop selling woven baskets in a job vacancy, hiring and employment concept

Development that Rebuilds Manchester’s Middle Class

Here’s a hard truth. As Manchester’s economy has grown, Middle Class have either left the city for the surrounding towns or moved to them from other places for jobs in our city. Let this stat sink in: 46,863 people commute into Manchester from surrounding towns to work every day. That’s the Middle Class, and some wealthy folks, coming to work in our city from their suburban homes.

Dollars money seamless background

Holding the Line on Spending and Taxes

Taxpayers are poorly represented by the current mayor and the majority of their aldermanic board. We need a mayor who presents responsible budgets that stay within the tax cap.

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