(Hours 1b,2b,3a) Donald TrumpRich talked about a political stunt that Hillary pulled recently and the response that she received.  He told us about Houston Texas’ Sheila Jackson Lee and her stance against homicide.  He shared about Donald Trump’s most recent controversial move and commented on Jeb Bush’s campaign tactics.  Tune in.




(Hour 2b) We were missing today’s veteran for Veterans In Our Own Backyard, so Rich talked to us about Presidential politics.  He talked about Donald Trump’s run for the nomination and wondered which candidate would be the next to drop off.  We then took a call from DJ Dave, who gave us his thoughts about Trump.


(Hour 3a) Rich continued with the topic of Presidential politics.  He commented on our phone call with DJ Dave and pointed out one of Trump’s strength.  He gave us a prediction about Ted Cruz and played a clip about his stances (Click here for that link).