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Presidential and Gubernatorial Races

(Hour 1a) We started the hour by hearing breaking news about the Presidential election.  Rich spoke about who came out ahead at yesterday’s elections.  We heard about upcoming elections and he made his predictions as to...

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Romney v Trump

(Hour 1a) Rich spoke about the Presidential race this morning.  He spoke about Donald Trump and his response to Mitt Romney’s attacks against him.  He shared about one of the pitfalls of Romney’s campaign and told us...

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GOP Gets Heated in South Carolina

(Hour 1a) Rich started this morning by discussing a technical issue, before sharing about the show’s calendar.  He then talked to us about the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia and the heated race down in South Carolina....

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Post-Iowa Polling Numbers

(Hour 2a) Rich talked to us about Presidential politics.  He spoke about the loss of Rand Paul in the race and wondered where his supporters will go.  He talked about a shift in the race, including a significant rise in Hillary...

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Will Iowa Affect Your Vote in NH?

(Hours 2a,b) Rich talked about big plans for this afternoon/evening.  He then discussed the New Hampshire primaries.  He wondered if the results in Iowa will affect the NH primaries.  He pointed out one of Ted Cruz’...

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01/14/2016 GOP Debate Recap

(Hour 1b) Rich talked to us about last night’s GOP Presidential debate.  He talked about Donald Trump’s masterful performance and pointed out an exchange that occurred between Jeb Bush and Trump.  He talked about a...

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