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Tag: 2015 Election

Second Annual Turkey Awards!

(Hours 3a,b) We were joined this morning by’s Kimberly Morin for Political Buzz.  She shared with us those who won Turkey Awards (Turkey: Something that is extremely or completely unsuccessful.  A loser; an...

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Yesterday’s Mayoral Recount

(Hour 1a) Rich started his show by taking a call from Eric in Manchester.  Rich talked to us about yesterday’s Mayoral recount.  He explained how the recount was done and he explained a discrepancy that occurred.  He...

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Joyce Craig Calls for Recount

(Hour 1b) Rich discussed the recount for the Mayoral race that Joyce Craig is requesting.  He explained how absentee ballots work and made his prediction on how the recount will go.  He also told us about similar experiences...

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