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Tag: Gary Lambert

Jim Lawrence Considers Run for Congress

(Hours 2a,b) Rich spoke to Jim Lawrence, potential GOP Congressional candidate in district 2.  He told us about his qualifications and shared about the differences between the political environment now and two years ago.  He...

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WLMW Show Opportunities

(Hour 1a) Rich started the segment by talking to Bob about names.  “What’s in a name,” he wondered.  He shared the shows calendar and discussed the expansion of WLMW and displayed an opportunity for some lucky...

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Presidential Race: A Shared Common Enemy

(Hours 1b,2b) Rich talked to us about the Presidential race this morning.  He addressed the criticism towards Donald Trump and pointed out that, should Trump take the GOP nomination, a vote not cast for him is a vote cast for...

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Pet of the Week: Summer

(Hour 1c) Shelley Greenglass of the Manchester Animal Shelter joined us for Pet Sense.  She started off the segment by talking to us about a not-so-historic district before moving on to the subject of the day.  She told us about...

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Big studio plans!

(Hour 2c) Rich shared some exciting news in the segment!  He gave some announcements regarding upcoming shows coming on the air, including a show from our own Floyd!  He also told us about some guest hosts that are coming on the...

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