Senator Jeanne Shaheen(Hour 1c, 2a) We played “The Halls of Montezuma” in honor of Colonel George Lambert and all of America’s heroes.

Some of America’s heroes aren’t allowed in the same room (of a public building) with Senator Jeanne Shaheen, apparently, unless they’re supporters of her campaign.  Say what?!

Do only certain NH veterans matter to Senator Shaheen?

Shaheen turns away Veteran at her Veterans’ Event

(Hour 1c) 07-16-2014 Hour 1c

We discussed the state of politics today.  Good idea to only let supporters through the door?

We also talked about Dr. Betsy McCaughey’s ideas to fix the broken VA Healthcare system.  Detractors are welcome to debate her ideas!

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(Hour 2a) 07-16-2014 Hour 2a