Gary Lambert(Hour 1a, b) Gary Lambert is a retired Marine Colonel and former State Senator from Nashua running for Congress in NH 2nd District.

Lambert believes he can do a better job than Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster and he walked us through the five points of his “Wake Up Washington” pledge.

Click here for Lambert’s Wake up Washington pledge.

(Hour 1a) 07-16-2014 Hour 1a

DJ Dave thanked the retired Colonel for his service to our country.  Lambert saluted those with the toughest job in the service: military spouses.

Lambert addressed the VA Scandal and the problems with Obamacare,  he believes the healthcare law needs to be repealed and replaced with free market alternatives.

On comprehensive immigration reform, Lambert said, “Until we enforce the border, why even talk about anything else?  A secure border is the cure.  We’re treating the symptons.”

Lambert lambasted President Obama for encouraging lawlessness.  Has the border crisis reached NH?

Finally, the candidate for Congress commented on Common Core and the need to get the Federal Government out of our local schools.  “Local municipalities can do it better than the Federal Government and the Dept. of Education.”

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(Hour 1b) 07-16-2014 Hour 1b