These videos are MUST WATCH. You simply won’t believe your eyes and ears.

First clip:  John “The Elf” Lyscars gets shut down by Chairman Trisha “The Gavel” Korkosz while making an apology.  Note Charles P. “Chucky the Super” Littlefield says “The days of these shots are over” as he leaves the table.  Apparently, he didn’t realize the mics were still up.

Second clip:  David “The Pariah” Pearl seeks clarification on being ruled out of order by the The Gavel.  Clearly, The Gavel doesn’t take kindly to those who disagree with her.  The Elf gets into the mix.  This is “ugly fun!”

Third clip:  The Gavel says it’s snack time and declares a recess!  Yay!  Note, they actually took 20 minutes for their snack, not the advertised 10.  They must have been extra hungry from all their fighting!

Fourth clip:  Chucky the Super starts to explain what the board needs to do in pursuit of a “single district” item in response to a question from board member Cheryl “BT” Akstin.  It goes down hill from there.  You need the background of the first few minutes to understand the context of the EXPLOSION that follows.  It is MUST SEE TV!