7-18-2013 News As we first reported yesterday, Ward 4 Alderman Jim Roy filed paperwork to seek reelection.  Roy had been rumored to be stepping down from the post due to health issues and frustration with a number of decisions the board has made, most recently the awarding of the emergency ambulance services contract to AMR Ambulance.  While Roy said he was undecided earlier in the week, he denied any serious health issues existed or played a factor in his decision.  Ward 1 Alderman Joyce Craig picked up a challenger in Tim Corbett.  In an email to Girard at Large last night, Corbett expressed astonishment at how quote no one in city government is held accountable.  End quote.  In other filings, Joe Whitten put his name in to challenge Garth “Vader” Corriveau for Alderman in Ward 6, Christopher Hussey is the third candidate to file in Ward 11 for alderman, so there’ll be a primary there in September and Ward 12 Alderman Patrick Arnold filed the paperwork that made his entry into the mayor’s race official.  Surrounded by supporters and accompanied by his wife and new born daughter, Arnold said his filing was quote an important step on the path toward a brighter future for Manchester.”  We’ve linked to yesterday’s story on the filings and Arnold’s press statement from this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.

Goffstown Police are reporting a large spike in the number of burglaries in town.  There’s been a rash of them throughout the area and departments in Manchester, Merrimack and Bedford have previously posted alerts to citizens about the problems.  The latest burglary was reported on Daniel Plumber Road in G-town.  Goffstown cops also arrested twenty five year old Sarah Jordan two days ago and charged her with endangering the life of a child.  Seems she left her two year old daughter strapped in her car seat with the windows up while she shopped at Hannaford’s on Mast Road.  Concerned citizens called the police to report the little one left alone in the car in the ninety plus degree weather.  Police called the ambulance to the scene where personnel treated the visibly red and sweating little girl.  Luckily she was okay.  Mom was released on personal recognizance bail according to their press release.  Now, if we could only convince the G-Town cops to send their releases via email instead of to my fax messaging center, that’s be great.

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More fun at the Hooksett School Board.  Seems that there’s a new majority coalition that’s formed in opposition to Our Favorite Angry Elf John Lyscars and Vice Chairman David the Pariah Pearl.  According to a lengthy facebook post, which we’ve linked to from this news cast at girard at large dot com, Chairman Trisha the Gavel Korkosz didn’t actually gavel anyone down, but she did let Cheryl BT Akstin motion to remove agenda items placed on the agenda by Pearl.  When asked if members could remove other members’ agenda items, Korkosz apparently smiled and said, yes, if the majority of the board agrees. The new majority, which includes newly appointed member Phil Dumbo Denbow, approved the agenda item removal.  Nice when the majority can silence the minority by removing their agenda items, huh?  The item removed was relative to hosting another high school roundtable, just in case you were wondering.  Anyway, the board also took steps to restrict board member’s ability to call special meetings and forbid communication between board members and any school staff, other than Chucky the Superintendent, Charles P. Littlefield.  I’ll bet you that Lyscars wishes he hadn’t abstained on that nomination vote for Denbow…

Manchester Curriculum and Instruction Committee Chair Sarah Ambrogi sent Girard at Large an email earlier in the week announcing the committee would discuss the issue of Common Core at its regularly scheduled meeting on August 27th, just days before the opening of school.  Ambrogi admitted in an interview last week that neither the committee nor the board had discussed Common Core to decide what if any parts of it should be adopted.  It was in response to that realization that she scheduled the topic for their August meeting.  She’s encouraging all board members to review the information they’ve been sent so they are prepared to discuss it and question the superintendent about it.  We’ll keep you up to date.

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