Ed Naile(Hour 1bc)  Ed Naile from the Coalition for NH Taxpayers came in for A Question of Voter Fraud.  Just how widespread is this problem… 2% of the votes? 5%? 10%?!  Find out.

Ed was there when Obama came to town in 2008 and you won’t believe what he witnessed.  These people, Alana Biden, Geoff Wetrosky, and Bryan Gregory Griffith, came here to work on campaigns, voted and then left. They used phony addresses, sometimes streets that don’t even exist, like Bear Brook Road, to claim residency.  Ed has done some important investigations over the years, along with voter fraud activist, Karen Testerman and the other CNHT workers, to uncover voter fraud in NH. Exposing those who perpetrate voter fraud, like Kathy Sullivan, Cindy Rosenwald, and Martha Fuller Clark, who allowed non-residence Geoff Wetrosky and Bryan Gregory Griffith of Little Rock, Arkansas to use their residence to vote in NH elections, is their mission. Ed’s taken on Hanover Town Moderator Willie Black when she didn’t allow him to properly observe the election, in accordance with the law. Chuck Douglas also faced similar intimidation and won his case against Manchester and Durham. Why is polling data so skewed in NH? Listen in and find out so you DON’T miss this!

8-7-2013 Hour 1bc