11-21-2013 News

As I, Your Humble Host, was calling around to various aldermen yesterday to get their take on the complaint brought by Ward 10 Alderman Phil Greazzo against Alderman at-Large Joe Kelly Levasseur, I discovered that Greazzo had sent a follow up letter to Mayor Ted Gatsas, copied to the Board of Aldermen, adding a list of alleged charter violations to investigate.  The letter cited Levasseur’s claims that he was falsely assaulted by Manchester Police Patrolman’s Association President Steve Maloney and that it was covered up by Police Chief David Mara; lied about being threatened by an off duty police officer, alleged the matter wasn’t looked into and sent the chief threatening emails; instructed his client Joni Nunn not to cooperate with Manchester or Hooksett Police while complaining they were doing nothing to investigate the assault allegedly committed by Officer William Soucy and called Hooksett Police Chief Peter Bartlett in his capacity as an alderman to demand Soucy be arrested, and lied to building inspectors and the media about permission he claims to be given to him by the mayor to reopen his restaurant after a fire.  Greazzo wrote these actions violated charter section nine point oh one which was adopted to further the purposes of quote “honest government, ethical conduct, the avoidance of conflicts of interest and public perception of ethical and honest conduct.”  Greazzo also wrote that Levasseur’s now legendary email tirades to department heads violated the charter’s Standards of Conduct provisions against non-interference.  Normally, we would have emailed Levasseur to get his response, but since the email Greazzo forwarded to us included a note from Levasseur stating Greazzo had become unhinged and needed to go to a hospital for treatment and accused me of writing the letter because Greazzo wasn’t smart enough to do it, I figured I already had my answers.  We’ve posted the complaint and Levasseur’s email with this news cast at Girard at Large dot com.

“No Comment.”  That’s what Hooksett School Board Chair Trisha The Gavel Korkosz said in reply to our inquiry regarding the verbal assault launched at resident Jason Hyde by Superintendent Charles Chucky The Super Littlefield after Tuesday night’s school board meeting.  Chucky growled at Hyde that he was lucky he didn’t tear his effing esophagus out for objecting to their meeting after the meeting which violated the state’s Right to Know Law.  We’ve since learned that Hyde, who will be our guest tomorrow morning, reported the incident to Hooksett Police.  We’ve also confirmed that one of the reasons there’s no deal with Pinkerton Academy is that they wanted Hooksett to commit more kids then Hooksett was willing to commit.  Finally, Assistant Manchester Superintendent David Ryan was at the meeting in his official capacity and he brilliantly gave a brief talk about the STEAM Ahead initiative at West High which had the room buzzing.  Oh, Chucky the Super has yet to respond to our request for comment on the incident.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

A special session of the New Hampshire General Court will convene today to take up the matter of the state adopting Obamacare by dramatically expanding the Medicaid program.  Governor Margaret Wood Hassan and the Democrats are pushing a plan that not only almost doubles the number of people eligible to receive benefits, but also forces the state to spend tens if not hundreds of millions to develop its own insurance exchange.  The GOP plan isn’t much better.  As Bedford Senator Andy Sanborn explained yesterday, after year one, where it’s the same plan as the Democrats, the money goes to private insurance companies to provide coverage for the expanded population IF the state gets waivers from the federal government.  The GOP plan doesn’t require an exchange.  Apparently negotiations between Governor Hassan and Senate President Chuck Morse, Republican of Salem, to come up with a compromise have failed, so we’ll see what happens.  State Rep. Jr Hoell, Republican of Dunbarton Jr Hoell to Boutin, David Boutin, Republican of Hooksett, asked Boutin to oppose either plan citing the massive costs and unreliability of federal promises to pay.  Boutin didn’t get the memo, though.  He put out a statement yesterday saying he’s going to support the Senate plan.  Both Sanborn and Senator Sam Cataldo Republican of Farmington are opposed to the passage of any plan.  While that might be enough, there’s still time to contact your rep or senator to make your feelings known.

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