Guinta: No go on Gitmo.

Guinta: No go on Gitmo.

The current occupant of the White House announced in a press conference yesterday his intention to close Guantanamo Bay and move the terrorists detained there to facilities inside of the United States.  First District Congressman Frank Guinta, Republican from Manchester, responded saying quote

“The President is taking advantage of his lame duck status to usurp Congressional authority and the will of the people.  Bipartisan representatives have consistently denied him the right to transfer terrorist detainees from Guantanamo Bay to American soil. The Administration’s plan to try the world’s most dangerous terrorists in downtown Manhattan also failed. Congress must unite to prevent another reckless foreign policy decision from this Administration, which refuses to clearly recognize threats to the United States. Today, the President even refused to answer questions from the press.”

Strong NH to Hassan: Which is it?

Strong NH to Hassan: Which is it?

In a related news item, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire has taken Governor Margaret Wood Hassan to the woodshed for what it said seemed to be a quote “shocking shift of position” end quote on closing Gitmo.  In a statement issued yesterday, C S N H hammered Hassan for saying she was “skeptical “of the President’s plan yesterday, when in October she said she’d quote,”consider closing the Guantanamo Bay military prison.”

Hassan: Skeptical or not?

Hassan: Skeptical or not?

In their statement, C S N H spokesman Derek Dufresne said quote

“Maggie Hassan’s continuously shifting positions on countless issues are enough to make anyone’s head spin, but her evolving stance on Gitmo should truly leave everyone wondering if even she knows where she stands anymore…If she still stands by her original statement that Gitmo should be closed, but she doesn’t believe it is safe to relocate them to facilities at home or abroad, then where would Governor Hassan support sending the terrorists? In all likelihood, the naïve Hassan, who remarkably hopes to represent us in the US Senate, doesn’t have an answer to that question.”

Supreme Court: Congress petitions to intervene on EPA "clean power" regs

Supreme Court: Congress petitions to intervene on EPA “clean power” regs

Also yesterday, Guinta and 170 other House Republicans petitioned the Supreme Court to refuse the Obama Administration’s new regulations of the country’s energy sector.  The Court halted these regulations this month to check executive power.  Thirty-four senators joined the petition in response to a lawsuit filed by twenty seven states against the Environmental Protection Agency.  Guinta announced his support saying,

“When Democrats controlled Congress, the President and his party could not pass cap-and-trade legislation…Now in a lame duck year, the President and the EPA are bypassing Congress to enact job-killing regulations.”

Scalia: Death complicates rulings

Scalia: Death complicates rulings

Petitioners claimed that the EPA failed to present compelling environmental and economic reasons for making the changes to the existing law.  A congressional study indicates the EPA’s proposed “Clean Power Plan” could annually cost Americans up to $79 billion in total higher energy costs. Guinta voted to cancel the EPA’s proposed regulations last year.  On February 9, the Supreme Court voted five to four to block the new EPA rules.  However, the death of Justice Antonin Scalia complicates the final ruling. The Court could either delay hearing the case, which is State of West Virginia, et. al. v. Environmental Protection Agency, or allow the EPA’s power plant regulations to move forward.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

The Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund is now accepting grant applications for the spring review cycle.  All applications must be submitted by the close of business on Friday, March 11th .  The fund is looking for qualified 501 c 3 organizations, irrespective of religious affiliation, to apply for grants in support of projects that help people in New Hampshire with their basic needs.  The B C A F is operated by a volunteer lay board of directors who make recommendations to the Bishop of Manchester for grants to any organization in New Hampshire whose mission is consistent with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and who meet the grant guidelines.  For more information visit catholic NH dot org slash B C A F or call 6 6 3 0 1 6 6.

MSD: At least we know they're listening.

MSD: At least we know they’re listening.

The Manchester School District is hosting its annual middle school championship Geography Bee mid on Tuesday, March first.  The top three geography bee finishers from each of the city’s four middle schools will compete for the city title.  The competition will take place at Hillside Middle School starting at 6:30 p.m.

Trump: "Really happy" about Hispanic vote

Trump: “Really happy” about Hispanic vote

And finally this morning, some news from the campaign trail.  The Republicans held their presidential caucus in Nevada yesterday.  With record turnout, G O P front runner Donald J. Trump crushed all others, receiving a stunning forty six percent of the vote.  Placing a distant second, despite having lined up the G O P establishment over the past year was Florida Senator Marco Rubio with twenty four percent of the vote.  Texas Senator Ted Cruz finished third with twenty two percent of the vote.  The caucus entrance polls showed Trump pummeling everybody in every demographic category, including Hispanics, which were nine percent of caucus goers.

About that, Trump, who rose to prominence on hard line immigration rhetoric and policy proscriptions said quote “Number one with Hispanics…I’m really happy about that.”  No doubt he is given both Rubio and Cruz are first generation Hispanic Americans.  According to the entrance polls, Trump received a stunning forty six percent of the Hispanic vote, To Rubio’s twenty nine and Cruz’s eighteen.

That’s news from our own backyard!  Girard at Large hour ___ is next.

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