Ed Naile(Hour 1b, c) CNHT President Ed Naile and his team of Voting Fraud investigators had a busy and productive year.  Moderators keeping Republican poll watchers from watching polls.  Outing “Dark Money” organizations like Hilltop Public Solutions workers, Peter Kavanaugh and Greg Wasserstrom, for their shady campaign contribution accounting practices.  Ed thinks 2014 will be an “interesting year” for his organization as he continues to “find as many out of state voters as we can and saturate the press with their names.”  He names quite a few in this segment, including Organizing for America campaign workers Geoff Wetrosky, Paolo Cozzi, and Parker Gilbert, and suggests that NH residents who witness voter fraud should “let CNHT know about it. Don’t waste your time with the NH Attorney General’s office.”

01-01-2014 Hour 1b, c