Sid Glassner(Hour 3a, b, c) Sid Glassner is a Senior Fellow at the New England Society for the Study of Education.  He is also a staunch opponent to Common Core in NH or anywhere else.  CC Advocates and opponents should all (… read more…) invest the time it takes to listen to our dynamite discussion to hear what Sid had to say about the corporate web of Common Core and how “Master Puppeteers” like Bill Gates are more interested in his piece of the pie vs. the quality of education for our kids.  “This is all driven by money,” says Glassner, “and our childrens’ education is for sale.”  States originally signed on to the unproven standards for economic reasons during bad economic times.  The strings attached to those federal dollars include a loss of local control, warns Glassner.  In the end, “Common Core is all about Teaching to the Test,” claims Glassner, ” and those Tests are NOT LOCAL.”

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01-16-2014 Hour 3a, b, c