This is the February 19, 2012 testimony of former Ward 10 Alderman Phil Greazzo, also a victim of unfounded accusations made by Alderman at Large Joe Kelly Levasseur, to¬† the Board of Mayor and Aldermen following the Attorney General’s investigative report.

Your Honor,

I have a lot of questions today…1st, now that you have a copy of the A.G.’s report when will your office be moving forward with the several charter violations against Joe Lievassuer Phil Greazzothat were filed with you on November 20, 2013?

You attempted to schedule a meeting to discuss them, as required in the city Charter, and were would told January was a good time to meet. Was that followed through on, or was that more Untruthfulness?

In the report on those Untruthful claims against Chief Mara and Officer Maloney, the Attorney General’s Office has chosen not to prosecute, citing a lack of intent to file a false report. I call on Attorney General Foster himself to rethink the position of those investigators in light of him being called a liar now as well…it was made very clear in Joe Lievassuer’s threatening emails to Chief Mara, dated December 19th and 27th 2012, demanding action from the Police Chief in regards to his alleged threats from a former dispatcher during public comment, something that turned out to be yet another lie, that and I quote “I expect an answer in writing by you immediately. If I have not heard from you in writing by Thursday afternoon, concerning efforts on the behalf of myself and my family, I will contact the Mayor and the AG’s office…” Then on July 31st 2013 in regard to his alleged assault by officer Maloney, more demands to the Chief for action on a false report, and I quote “His threats, malicious and outrageous statements can no longer be tolerated. If this is not resolved I will be forced to take this matter to a higher level.” and it was. While the false reports were not made directly to your office Mr. Foster, they were made to the Manchester Police Chief repeatedly and should be dealt with accordingly.

Just as this Board should do tonight under item 37

Your Honor, None of the Alderman chose to coment on the matter when asked by the newspaper. Is this because they want to remain neutral during actions they may take against Ald Lievassuer for lying? Or, do they believe the flase claims against the Chief of intimidation and corruption and want him removed as Lievassuer would like but dont want to discuss that either?

It’s a shame that none of the Alderman came to the Chief’s defense (I will, and have, with the charter violations filed with the mayor). With the board being silent the city is left to wonder if the Aldermen support the Chief or not, or do they believe the Alderman is a liar.

A known liar, especially a Pathological liar, no matter who, should not be involved with any decision making on city business.

Chief – I was glad to see you ask for this to be on the agenda tonight. He deserves to know if this board believes in him or wants him gone. I never once heard anyone have a bad thing to say about him. He’s one of the most helpful, up front and honest people i’ve met. I guess that one reason he’s the police chief. He’s handled every difficult situation he’s had to deal with, with great professionalism and has never once lost focus of his responsibility to the people of this city.

If the board believes that you are corrupt and covered up the alleged assault or threats, went to someone’s place of business to intimidate them, and does nothing, that would be disturbing. We know that wasn’t the case however, so How can those false accusations go unanswered? Because they were lies? So, just ignore it? Seriously?

It’s time for the board deal with this, maintain what respect is left for Manchester city government, uphold the City Charter, and the Laws of the State of New Hampshire, as you have all recently sworn an oath to do.

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