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Gov. Hassan expands Medicaid, will sign gas tax hike

03-28-2014 News

Well the rapscallions in Concord were at it again, yesterday.  Headlining legislative events, Governor Margaret Wood Hassan signed the massive Medicaid expansion bill into law, blithely ignoring the disastrous consequences to the health care systems and economies of the states that have gone before us.  Citizens for a Strong N H said Hassan and the General Court have taken an action that will forever diminish the quality of healthcare in the state and put us on the path towards an broad based sales or income tax to pay for it when the feds fail to foot the bill.  Opposition to the expansion had been led by Senator Andy Sanborn Republican of Bedford who warned the bill had no cap on costs and provided an incentive for people not to work in exchange for getting taxpayer provided health insurance.  We’ve linked to the interview for your edification.

The Senate also passed a nearly twenty five percent increase in the state’s gas tax, yesterday, approving an amended version of a bill proposed by Senator Jim Rausch, Republican of Derry and cosponsored by senators David Boutin, Republican of Hooksett and Lou D’Allesandro, Democrat of Manchester.  Proponents of the measure, which passed the senate on a vote of fifteen to nine, say the funds are dedicated

Boutin rides horse to avoid gas taxes he voted to hike

Boutin rides horse to avoid gas taxes he voted to hike

to the Department of Transportation, will fund necessary infrastructure projects and disappear in twenty years when the bonds to pay for the projects are paid.  Opponents basically said “yeah, right” noting that the state now diverts eighty million dollars a year from the Highway Trust Fund that’s supposed to fund those same projects.  Merrimack residents might like the bill, though.  It eliminates the tolls at Exit Twelve on the Everett Turnpike.  Oh, our ever ready to tax and spend to grow government governor has already said if the bill passes the House, she’ll sign it.  Interesting thing about the Senate’s press release on the passage of the tax hike, it bragged about passage of infrastructure projects without once mentioning the tax hike.  We’ve posted it for your review as well as the bill they passed so you can see for yourself just how things now apparently work in Concord.  Hey, at least the senate voted twenty two to two to put all of the state’s surplus from the last budget in the nearly depleted Rainy Day Fund.  I have to stop there because I can’t quite wrap my head around Meredith Republican Senator Jeannie Forrester‘s statements about fiscal prudence and responsibility after the rest of what they did yesterday.  I’m beginning to think the smartest person up there is Representative Marilinda Garcia, Republican of Salem, who announced yesterday that her congressional campaign is asking supporters to visit her Facebook page and vote on one of three campaign logos.

Oh, and since we mentioned Merrimack, folks there might be interested to know that the town has released its Annual ReportWe’ve linked to it it here from this newscast for your convenience.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

The Manchester Board of School Committee held a public hearing on its proposed budget last night

Art Beaudry

Art Beaudry

and well almost no one came.  The only citizen there to speak was Patrice Benard who questioned the need for all day kindergarten, which she referred to as taxpayer funded daycare, suggesting the district reallocate those funds to expand the co-teaching program it’s using in the middle schools, saying it’s what they do inMayor Ted Gatsas

Mayor Ted Gatsas

Finland.  Ward 9 Committeeman Arthur Beaudry caused a bit of a fuss accusing Superintendent Debra Livingston of deceiving the board by saying her budget provided for an assistant principal at every elemschool when in fact one would not be at Hallsville School.  Livingston said with fewer than three hundred kids, Hallsville doesn’t need one.  Mayor Ted Gatsas hammered Beaudry for his accusations saying he should rethink his choice of words.  The board sent the budget to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen with Beaudry and Ward 3’s Christopher Stewart opposed.  Deb Langton from Ward 2, Ross Terrio form Ward 7 and Vice-Chair David Wihby were absent.  The mayor abstained on the vote.

The Attorney General’s Office confirmed the two decedents found in a Moorseville Road home after and explosion and fire were Robert and Constance Dion as expected.  The A G’s Office went on to say that an autopsy concluded the two were murdered, but failed to give any details on how given the ongoing investigation.  The Dion’s thirty eight year old son Matthew is still at large and being sought by investigators as a person of interest in the crimes committed.  Anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts is urged to contact the Manchester Police Department at 6 6 8 8 7 11.

Hooksett Hookers be gone!

Hooksett Hookers be gone!

Hookers are not welcomed in Hooksett, it appears.  Hooksett cops busted the ever frisky Darlene Gladstone who apparently had turned her home into a brothel, upsetting neighbors with the comings and goings of strangers.  Four frequent fliers were nailed by Hooksett P D, too.  A release with the details and photos of the fab five are with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.  Police Chief Peter Bartlett congratulated neighbors on stepping up to help solve the problem.

Fifty years ago this spring, the first class of eighth graders graduated from Green Acres Elementary School.  To celebrate this golden milestone, parents and staff are planning an open house birthday party on the evening of Thursday, May fifteenth.  Everyone from the Green Acres community, past and present, is invited to attend, share memories and enjoy the festivities with cake, music and friends.  The planning committee is looking for Green Acres memorabilia to display that evening.  Photos, yearbooks, class t-shirts and anything else that reflects the school’s history over the years would be appreciated.  Willing contributors can drop off their items in the front office at Green Acres during school hours.  The Green Acres 50th Birthday Celebration FB page will post additional details about the party.  For more information, please contact the school at 624-6330 or Green Acres principal, Mr. Norton, by email:

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ starts right now!