Kimberly Morin(Hour 3b) Kimberly Morin of was ripe for a fight this morning!  She sounded off on the Buffer Zone Bill, SB 319 and recommended everyone watch the Planned Parenthood Manchester NH Buffer Zone video by Greg Salts to see what the proposed law would mean to neighbors of the facility.

Morin also sounded off on other looney legislation in Concord.  SB 244 (gun control) was unanimously voted down in committee… but pay attention.  SB 91 mandates insurance companies pay for more expensive prescription drugs instead of lower priced generic drugs.  Isn’t this the same kind of lunacy that led to NH going from the second lowest healthcare costs to the second highest virtually overnight?  Thanks to previous state legislators and then Governor Jeanne Shaheen for the first healthcare reform bill with mandates that chased 13 of the 15 previous healthcare providers out of NH and left us with only two, Anthem and Cigna.

Also, Morin’s scathing responses to political hit jobs by Zandra Rice Hawkins of the Granite State Organizing Project (on State Rep. Will Infantine) and Jon Hopwood of Joe Kelly Levasseur lackey and Dog Park Friend fame (on Manchester GOP Chairwoman Tammy Simmons).

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04-28-2014 Hour 3b