Rhoda Sommer(Hour 3c) Rhoda Sommer of Anytime Fitness Hooksett came in fired up and ready to ROCK!  Sommer challenged us with Five Fitness Fact or Fiction questions.

1) Does muscle weigh more than fat?

2) An aerobic workout will burst your metabolism for hours after you stop working out.  Fact or Fiction?

3) When it comes to working out, you’ve got to feel some pain if you’re going to gain any benefits.  Fact or Fiction?

4) If you’re not working up a sweat, you’re not working hard enough.  Fact or Fiction?

5) Heavy weights will bulk you up.  Fact or Fiction?

6) Three 20 minute workouts a week can be enough to change your body.  Fact or Fiction?

Tune in for the answers.  And for some healthy information from our fitness expert!

04-29-2014 Hour 3c