Ted Gatsas(Hour 3b, c) Mayor Ted Gatsas plans on attending the Company of Ghosts concert at Memorial High School tonight.  Right after the Rising Stars Concert finishes up.  He gave us the details.

Gatsas jousted with our humble host on items NOT on the agenda, the special School Board committee set up to review the OCR settlement that NOBODY seems to know anything about.  Was the OCR report a fair representation of the Manchester School District?

(Hour 3b) 05-28-2014 Hour 3b

The Mayor discussed the Manchester Academic Standards.  What are his thoughts on the negative reviews by Dr. Stotsky and Dr. Milgram?  Will the public be heard?

Gatsas also fielded questions on the costs of healthcare, Obamacare cadillac taxes and waivers and teachers contracts.  Will the political paralysis at City Hall delay a Budget deal past the June 3rd goal?

Mayor Gatsas shared the positive news about education and companies looking to come to Manchester.  When asked about running for another term, his honor had a two word response.  “I’m in!”

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(Hour 3c) 05-28-2014 Hour 3c