Bill Gates(Hour 2a) Rich offered condolences to the Yakuboff family.  Merrimack Town Council Chairman David G. Yakuboff passed away yesterday.

Our local coverage on Common Core has caught the attention of Glen Beck and The Blaze.  We’ve been invited to be part of their organizing efforts, “We Will Not Conform.”  Rich shared the details.

Bill Duncan of the NH BOE isn’t going to be too happy with us.  No matter, we’re happy to call out Duncan and his cohort Bill Gates for the hypocrites that they are.  And we’ve posted two articles with this archive to prove it.

Listen to our segment on Bill Duncan, Apologist for Bill Gates, Common Core

Bill Gates loves Common Core for your kids, BUT NOT HIS

Now Bill Gates Demands that Common Core Tests be POINTLESS for Two Years

06-13-2014 Hour 2a