NH State Senate(Hour 3a, b) Rich was surprised by some of the local campaign filings and even more surprised by some of the folks who didn’t.

For the State Senate races, Rich covered the candidates competing in local districts in Manchester and the surrounding towns.

(Hour 3a) 06-16-2014 Hour 3a

Rich isn’t surprised that Senator David Boutin is being challenged by Jane Cormier.  With Republicans like Boutin, who needs Democrats?

Boutin’s votes on the Gas Tax, NH Medicaid Expansion and the Buffer Zone have drawn the ire of organizations like Michael Biundo’s Citizens for a Strong NH.  Not to mention adorable little radio shows.

Rich opined on the two things that the GOP Ruling Class needs to be mindful of.

(Hour 3b) 06-16-2014 Hour 3b

PUBLISHER’S NOTE:  Patricia Conway IS running for Rockingham County Attorney, we apologize for the error.  Also, we had some “group confusion” we need to clear up:  Eileen Landies, candidate for state senate in District 20 IS STILL the Chair of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance.  Also, the The Republican Liberty Caucus endorsed GOP US Senate candidate Jim Rubens, the NH Liberty Alliance did not.  Got all that?  Sorry for the goof ups.  Hard to keep track of all these folks and the acronyms.