Hassan & Duncan(Hour 1a, b) Rich read the “Oh My Head” comments by Bill Duncan of the NH BOE about Betsy McCaughey who will be the keynote speaker at the CNHT Picnic on July 5th.

Critics of Common Core are now “bottom feeders,” according to Duncan.  The comments were scrubbed from Duncan’s website, but we have screenshots from our listeners to prove the mindset of the newest sitting member on our State Board of Education.

Bill Duncan is in Denial AGAIN

(Hour 1a) 06-19-2014 Hour 1a

Rich called for Duncan to resign.  A man that engages in such a personally disparaging way with those who disagree with him should not be in such a position of power.

Does Bill Duncan think that Maryann Boucher is a bottom feeder, too?

Hooksett Teacher crushes Common Core

Should Duncan resign?  If not, we hope he will at least open his eyes to the overwhelming evidence against Common Core from all across the country.

Stop Experimenting On My Kids (Common Core)

Is this an intentional act by Duncan to intimidate administrators and teachers in NH who might have the audacity to challenge Common Core?

(Hour 1b) 06-19-2014 Hour 1b