06-20-2014 News

Former United States Senator Bob Smith has challenged GOP rivals former State Senator Jim Rubens and former Bay State U S Senator Scott Brown to a series of Lincoln Douglas style debates across the state.  Smith, who characterized his opponents as “moderates” in announcing the

Smith:  Issues debate challenge.

Smith: Issues debate challenge.

challenge, said quote “It is time for the voters of New Hampshire to have the opportunity to differentiate between the three main candidates in the G O P Primary for U S Senate.  There has been a lot of speculation and innuendo as to what each candidate stands for.  So, I think it is time to give the New Hampshire voters the opportunity to find out.”  End quote.  Smith proposes they debate once in each county and suggested a five minute opening statement after which each will then be able to directly debate the other on any issue.  The debates would last ninety minutes and be managed by a moderator who would monitor time and be allowed to call a topic to a close if it was taking up too much time.  “This is a direct challenge to Rubens an Brown”  said Smith.  Quote :  ” The people of New Hampshire must be allowed to know as much about the candidates as possible to become an informed voter.”  Smith, who said the debate format allows for an open dialogue and the candidate to get their point across, has asked his rivals to respond no later than Monday, June twenty third. “Let’s agree to do the right thing for the people of New Hampshire and allow them to see the strengths and weakness of all three candidates.  This is the least we can do for the voters in the Granite State so they may have an informed vote to cast,” concluded Smith.  We have inquired of both campaigns as to their response and will let you know when we do.

Police:  Asking for public's help.

Police: Asking for public’s help.

Tragedy in the Queen City last night as a vehicle collided with a pedestrian crossing Bridge Street at the corner of Ashland.  The Manchester Police Department reported that twenty six year old Andrew Menard of Hooksett was headed west on Bridge Street when he struck eighty four year old Francis Allen of Manchester at approximately twenty minutes of ten.  Doctors at the Elliot Hospital were unable to save him from his injuries.  Neither Menard nor his passenger, twenty three year old Chelsea Ackerman of Hooskett, were injured.  Menard was driving a two thousand three Subaru Forester.  Though police say alcohol was not a contributing factor in the crash, they continue to investigate and are asking anyone with information on the accident to contact the department’s Traffic Unit at 6 6 8 8 7 1 1.

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Murnaghan:  Doing well, no thanks to Sebelius

Murnaghan: Doing well, no thanks to Sebelius

Remember ten year old Sara Murnaghan, the little girl who owes here life to her parents’ legal team and the judge who overturned her denial of a lung transplant by former Health and Human Dis-Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius?  Right, that little Sarah Murnaghan who we learned about from Goffstown Resident Jenn Hobbs last June before she became a cause celeb in the national media.  Well we’ve got an update on Sarah, thanks to her mom Janet who posted on facebook.  Apparently all has gone well in the year since the transplant was done.  Just this past Sunday, doctors at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia removed her breathing tube closed the tracheotomy hole in her throat.  She’s now breathing on her own and doing well.  Sarah actually underwent two lung transplants in three days as the first one failed.  Cystic Fibrosis so ravaged her lungs, she would have died without the transplant.

Merrimack Fire:  Win a fire truck ride in 4th of July Parade!

Merrimack Fire: Win a fire truck ride in 4th of July Parade!

In cooperation with the Merrimack Fire Rescue Department, the Rotary Club of Merrimack is offering an opportunity to ride on a fire engine in the Fourth of July Parade.  Yes!  You’ll get to ring the bell, blow the horn, run the siren, and wave to your friends and neighbors from the loudest and best seat in the parade!  The winner will be chosen from a raffle drawing held on July second.  Raffle tickets may be purchased at Merrimack fourth dot com, that’s Merrimack fourth with the number four dot com, where you can also get all the details on the town’s Family Fun Day, organized by the Merrimack Rotary.  The raffle is open to folks of all ages, but children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  And, riders must understand and agree that if the fire truck has to speed off to an emergency, they’ll be left at the curb.  Tickets are just two bucks and there is no limit on the number that can be bought.  Sounds like fun!

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