CNHT Ed Naile(Hour 1c) Ed Naile of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers called in to call out more of that Voter Fraud that some insist doesn’t exist.

Naile told us about about James Webb Baker Jr., a Democratic Party activist in Seattle, Washington.  Baker sent out 200 phoney letters intended to suppress politically active Republicans in the swing state of Florida.

Seattle Man Pleads Guilty to Voter Intimidation and Identification Fraud

What motivated Baker?  How did he get the names of Republican Party insiders, including real estate agent Bob Hiring?  Susan Bucher is the Supervisor of Elections for Palm Beach County in Florida. Naile is asking these and more questions because he is convinced there is more to the story.  “Something smells fishy.”

Naile saluted the local election officials that are always on the lookout for Voter Fraud.  They’re swimming upstream, however, against lax election laws and elected officials like NH State Senator David Boutin (whom CNHT did NOT endorse) who isn’t interested in supporting Voter ID laws. City Clerk Matthew Normand revealed the results of the massive voter purge in Manchester, but how much more can he do until officials acknowledge this problem exists? Why can’t we turn people away who don’t have a valid id? It will be interesting to find out candidate Jane Cormier’s view on this.

Listen in and find out why Ed is now investigating a few McGill University students.


06-25-2014 Hour 1c