Quadrupling Studio Space, Installing New State-of-the-Art Equipment

Under construction!

Under construction!

Local radio station, WLMW 90.7 FM New Hampshire Family Radio, is upgrading and expanding our “Super Secret Broadcast Location above Jacques Flower Shop in scenic Pinardville” by quadrupling workspace and adding new state-of-the-art broadcasting and networking equipment.  The expansion will create a new broadcast studio, control room, conference room, and sales and management offices. It will also significantly enhance the station’s production capabilities, allowing programs like the popular morning show Girard at Large, to more comprehensively cover the important “news from our own backyard” in Greater Manchester. The station’s Amherst studio, located within the Amherst Christian Church, will continue to serve as a production facility and become WLMW’s secondary broadcast location.

WLMW 90.7 FM broadcasts several locally produced shows including:

  • Girard At Large, Monday – Friday from 6 AM – 9 AM with host Rich Girard
  • The Overcoming Word, Sundays at 5AM & 9AM – with host Pastor Ron Tannariello
  • The Revolution Show Friday and Saturday nights from 7-10 PM

Additional WLMW programming is provided by American Family Radio.


Girard reviewing recording cabling pathways

Girard reviewing recording cabling pathways

The Girard at Large show, hosted by successful entrepreneur and former Manchester Alderman Rich Girard, is undergoing the most significant changes. Upon completion of the studio expansion, the show will be fully produced, and for the first time, also broadcast from the Pinardville studios. Previously, the program was streamed from this studio and broadcast from the Amherst facility.

“The Girard-at-Large show is growing its audience and reach,” said Rich Girard, “and we needed to grow our studios and broadcasting capabilities to match. Quadrupling our studio and production space will allow us to cover more community news and politics in Greater Manchester. We are investing in equipment and facilities that will bring WLMW and the Girard at Large show to a higher level in broadcasting.”

WLMW’s updated studios will feature a custom designed eight-person interview table as well as new video live-streaming capabilities. Some of the state-of-the-art broadcasting equipment being installed includes “Sennheiser” microphones; an “Allen & Heath” broadcast mixer; an “Alto Professional” audio compressor and a computer system that will network all studios and office space.

“WLMW will continue to grow in the new studio and broadcasting space to include other must-listen local programming,” said Knowledge for Life Board Member Will Infantine.

Will Infantine

Infantine: Future expansion on the horizon

Girard at Large is a great example of WLMW’s ability to provide high quality local news, information, and political discussions.   We expect to announce in the near future additional programs that will continue our station’s important mission and build our base of very loyal and active listeners.”

“I am particularly excited for the eight-person interview table because it will allow for increased flexibility when hosting multiple guests during interviews, issues-focused discussions, and political debates,” added Girard.

The Girard at Large show is well-known for its expansive local community coverage, taking tough policy conversations to the airwaves and diving deep into issues like Common Core, NH voter fraud, Manchester city elections, and local school board controversies.

The show has garnered regional and national attention for its coverage of the Common Core discussion in New Hampshire. With several Girard at Large stories and interviews receiving national exposure, the show’s coverage influenced the Manchester School District’s decision to reject Common Core and develop its own education standards.

Girard at Large also provides a platform for political candidates, having conducted more than 70 interviews with local candidates vying for Manchester city offices, as well as candidates for state senate, state representative, county offices and Executive Council.   The show is unparalleled in providing a venue for local candidates.

 About WLMW 90.7 FM

WLMW 90.7 FMNew Hampshire Family Radio is a non-commercial independent radio station with studios based in Amherst and Manchester N.H. and broadcasting to audiences in the greater Manchester, NH area. Local programming includes Girard At Large, Monday – Friday from 6 AM – 9 AM; The Overcoming Word, Sundays at 5AM & 9 AM – with Pastor Ron Tannariello; and The Revolution Show Friday and Saturday nights from 7-10 PM. Other station programming is simulcast from American Family Radio via satellite.


(Left to right) Jeff Brockstead and Bill Oxley work on the new eight-person interview table as part of the major expansion for WLMW and the Girard at Large show.

About Girard-at-Large

Broadcasted on WLMW 90.7 FM New Hampshire Family Radio, the Girard-at-Large radio show’s mission is simple: to connect local people, places and things and as the motto states, provide the “News from our own backyard.”

Led by Manchester native Richard H. Girard, a widely recognized and respected local public figure, Girard at-Large is a unique program that not only discovers and uncovers what’s happening within the Greater Manchester area, but also gives its audience the opportunity to share what it knows.  http://www.girardatlarge.com/