Regina Birdsell(Hour 1b, c)

(Hour 1b) Two-term NH State Rep. Regina Birdsell is running for the NH State Senate in District 19.

The former Rockingham County GOP Chairman (stepping down during the primary) and 10-year veteran of the Coast Guard talked about her recruiting background in the high tech industry.  A trade that translates well, says Birdsell, in identifying what businesses need.

“Businesses issues are with the State of NH,” added Birdsell, “not with NH towns.”  Issues she plans to address in her mission to promote a better business environment.  Birdsell described the “animosity towards business owners” by elected officials in Concord and the need to reduce the Business Profits Tax, along with the NH Meals Tax.

(Hour 1c) Birdsell addressed Common Core, the role of the NH Dept. of Education and the NH Supreme Court’s decision on the Scholarship Program.

Birdsell also clarified her positions on Abortion, the Death Penalty, the Second Amendment, Voter IDand NH Right to Know Laws.