(Hours 2b,c) Rich talked to State Representatives John Burt and Victoria Sullivan for the Under the Golden Dome segment.  In dealing with the budget, they started the conversation by discussing full time daycare and the Kenogarten bill.  They pointed out where some of the elected officials stand on the issue, and wondered about the effect on statewide property tax.  Finally, Rich shared his thoughts concerning the restriction of funding and more.

(Hour 2c) As Rich continued with State Reps Burt and Sullivan they tackled the state budget.  Rich wondered if the Republican Party has enough votes to pass the budget.  They then talked about allocation of funding, tax cuts, Senate Bill 129 and the need to cut more spending.  Finally, they talked about what needs to be removed from the budget.  Tune in to get all of the details!

Click here for more information about SB129.