Humble Host Details PSNH Deal

(Hour 1a) Rich opened this morning’s show by talking about the raging fires that are burning in the state of California.  He then spoke about a deal with PSNH, explained the concept of ‘stranded cost,’ and...

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The Rise of Manchester

(Hour 3b) Author Aurore Eaton spoke to Rich in The History Lady about “Rise of Manchester,” which is an exhibit that is currently at the Millyard Museum.  She talked about construction projects, the origin of PSNH,...

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Sen Bradley on energy issues

(Hour 3b)   Senator Jeb Bradley joined us this morning for an interview to discuss the electric bill that’s raging right now, but first Rich asked him about the budget battle.   The bill, which specifically targets PSNH,...

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The Ward 5 race

(Hour 1a) Primarily an overview of today’s topics, with an eye to all things Ward 5.  Will we ultimately learn anything useful about the new math program, or is it still anybody’s guess? Also, a new independent...

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