Caution:  Goffstown releases bus schedules, announces Dunbarton shuttle

Caution: Goffstown releases bus schedules, announces Dunbarton shuttle

Schools in Goffstown and New Boston are in session today.  S A U Nineteen released a statement announcing the district’s bus routes and we’ve linked to them from this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.   In addition, the Goffstown School District announced it will provide a shuttle bus for the more than one hundred Dunbarton students who will continue to attend Goffstown High School.  This shuttle will pick students up at Dunbarton Elementary School at 6: 50 and return them there at 3: 20.  Times will be finalized after the first week of school.  The Dunbarton School District will provide transportation to and from Dunbarton Elementary for the shuttle run to and from Goffstown High.  Finally, the district referred parents to a June press release warning of the dangers of using synthetic marijuana, also known as Spice.  We’ve uploaded the release with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com. 

Mooney:  Wants to connect people, businesses and non profits in district

Mooney: Wants to connect people, businesses and non profits in district

District Eleven State Senate candidate Maureen Mooney, Republican from Merrimack said, if elected her first act as a senator would be to create an interactive webpage solely dedicated to promoting employment opportunities, business networking and local charities within the district.  Mooney said as she visits the district’s four towns, Merrimack, Amherst, Milford, and Wilton, she said the issues of jobs and the economy continuously come up and  is hitting close to home.  Quote  “On the campaign trail, people tell me they are looking for new employment opportunities while businesses explain their need for additional skilled labor.  I want to do what’s possible to immediately start bringing these groups together… By working together, we can immediately start helping our friends, family members and neighbors find work.”

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Kelly:  Has line of the night.

Kelly: Has line of the night.

The G O P candidates for Congress in the First District squared off in a televised debate last night.  It was a largely tame affair, where candidates Dan Innis, Brendan Kelly and Frank Guinta made their points.  There was a bit of a dust up on the issue of party pedigree and the party platform, however.  Innis was quizzed about his registering and voting in the Democratic presidential primary  in two thousand eight and again in two thousand twelve.  He refused to say whom he voted for, saying voting is a private matter.  Guinta seized on the moment and said he either voted for Clinton or Obama in two thousand eight, the choice originally posed by questioner James Pindell, and chided Innis for his public support of pro-income tax candidate Jackie Cilley in her two thousand twelve primary race against the now Governess Margaret Wood Hassan.  Later in the debate, Innis said he favored changing the Republican Party Platform to eliminate its support of traditional marriage in favor of so called marriage equality.  Referring to gay couples as quote un quote “these people,” Innis said they needed to be brought into the party.  Interesting fact is that Innis is gay and was married to his partner here in New Hampshire, where he said nobody has a problem with it.  Line of the night went to Kelly who said he’s waited forty years for someone that will do the right thing for America and tell the people the truths they need to hear and that he’s running because he’s tired of waiting.

New regulations go into effect today.

New regulations go into effect today.

The Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen met last night and it was largely a routine meeting, except there was a bit of a brawl over Bronstein Park and the restrictions placed there, which will take effect today.  An attempt by Alderman at Large Joe Kelly Levasseur to delay their implementation was defeated on a voice vote where only Ward 12 Alderman Keith Hirschmann could be heard in support of the motion.  The Committee on Lands and Buildings will meet today to begin an inquiry into the actions of Mayor Ted Gatsas, who had the park posted with no trespassing during school hours signs following the Spice overdose outbreak, after learning that the park had been made part of Central High School’s campus more than forty years ago.



Finally this morning, our prayers go out for Steven Sotloff, the latest American journalist who lost his head at the end of a terrorist’s knife yesterday.  He was a Florida native who was graduated from Kimball Union Academy here in Meriden, NH.  Sotloff was thirty one years old.  Last month, Rochester native James Foley was beheaded by the same group that killed Sotloff.

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