CONCORD – Tonight, Scott Brown delivered the following remarks from the Grappone Center in Concord after winning the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. The following remarks are prepared for delivery and embargoed until speech time:

“Thank you all very much.  I am so grateful tonight, and I am so honored to be your nominee for United States senator.”

“I want to congratulate two good men who also ran in this primary.”

“We worked hard to get this far, and we’re only halfway there.  Now I am ready to work even harder to earn the vote and win on the fourth of November.”

“I think of all the people Gail and I have gotten to know so far in this campaign, at meetings, walking main streets, and at all the town halls we’ve been having.  Yes, town halls still matter in New Hampshire.  They’re folks who take their choices seriously, and don’t just give their vote away.”

“Like the group of people I got to chatting with one day during lunchtime at a pretty well known local restaurant.  They said they’d consider voting for me, but only if we met at least two more times.  I said, ‘OK, I’ll be seeing you down the trail,’ and sure enough I spotted them later on at the Greek Festival … and then a third time at that same restaurant.  I’ll probably see them again by Election Day, but they have already told me, ‘Scott, you got our vote – we are ready to make a change.'”

“Men and women … young and old … some well off and some of them struggling – all across New Hampshire people are voting for change, because they want the best for our state and for our country.  We all want a strong America – starting with jobs our people can count on, and a government that respects our rights and our freedoms.   And we expect a foreign policy that inspires trust in our allies, and fear and respect in our adversaries … a foreign policy that keeps the peace and leads the world.”

“After six years of missed opportunities at home and growing dangers around the world, we need change.  And the problem is, a vote for my opponent will change exactly nothing.”

“Nobody in the Senate is more invested in the policies and the failures of Barack Obama than Senator Jeanne Shaheen.  They campaigned together in our state six years ago.  They were elected on the same day.  And from that day to this, she has voted for the failed Obama agenda more than 99 percent of the time.”

“I mean, think about it: Here we have one of the truly bright stars in American politics, Senator Kelly Ayotte.  A true leader, doing such a great job for our state, thinking for herself and doing the right thing.  And time after time, her vote gets cancelled out by our senior senator, who keeps on doing each and every thing the administration tells her, no questions asked.”

“If you look up the numbers, even Harry Reid and Bernie Sanders have shown more independence than that.  And when the Democratic Leader himself is less partisan than the senior senator from New Hampshire, something is seriously out of line.”

“The Shaheen record includes, by the way, a few things that the Obama White House could never have done without her, like when she cast the deciding vote that gave us Obamacare.  We could all have been spared that whole disaster by one simple show of independence by Senator Shaheen … one decisive ‘no’ to Obamacare.  She also did not make sure you could keep your doctor, your hospital, or your care facility, as she said she would.  That’s more broken promises under Obamacare, and Americans have already had enough of it.”

“So we know what to expect if she is rewarded for all of this with another term.   Whatever comes next on the Obama agenda, whatever Team Obama asks of Senator Shaheen, there’s a 99 percent chance that she’ll vote yes.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like those odds.”

“Here’s how I look at it.  Just because she’s been throwing her vote away in the Senate, does not mean you have to throw your vote away in November.   President Obama is not up for reelection this year… however, his number-one foot soldier Senator Shaheen is.  New Hampshire voters have a unique chance to be a check and balance on six years of failed policies.  If we’re ever going to hold this president accountable, we have to hold this senator accountable.  The chance won’t come again, so let’s take it right now and turn this country around.”

“Should I have the honor of representing New Hampshire, I will be a voice and a vote for the independent spirit of our state – one hundred percent of the time.”

“I’ve done a lot of listening around our state.  People are worried about our country, and rightly so.  We’ve got almost 18 trillion dollars in debt, plus interest, and no plan to deal with it.  The numbers can seem unreal, but it is real money, and it’s our kids and grandkids who are going to have to pay it.  That is not responsible, it is not fair, and the reckless spending and borrowing of the Obama-Shaheen years cannot go on.”

“We need serious health-care reform as well, and Obamacare – with all the new costs, regulations, and problems – it has to go.  You know that conveniently, after the election, the business, mandate is coming into effect and it is a real job killer.  We can stop it.  And we also need to take far better care of America’s veterans.  In the Obama years, even military service is no guarantee anymore of half-decent and safe medical care, and we need to call that failure what it is: disgraceful and inexcusable.”

“What does her 99 percent-with-Obama voting record mean for you?  It means that the price of gas, groceries, and most everything you need to get by is going up.  That’s hard on everyone, and especially the single, working Moms like the one who raised me.  Good, full-time jobs are hard to come by, and we all know the American economy in 2014 is nowhere close to what it should be.”

“Now if President Obama had a plan for any of this, it’s a safe bet my opponent would line right up to vote for it.  But there is no plan.  There is no action.  This administration is quickly losing the country’s confidence.  And now America’s friends in the world are starting to lose confidence in us as well.”

“What does it say about the federal government that in safeguarding the borders of the United States – a constitutional duty – they hardly even try?  I have said it before: a nation without borders is not a nation at all.  And with constant talk of amnesty in Washington, they’re only inviting more chaos and danger at the border.  Illegal immigration is above all a national-security challenge, and as your senator I will vote every time to guard this nation’s border and enforce this nation’s laws.”

“There is no plan, either, to meet a crisis abroad that could quickly reach inside the United States if we do not act.  Terrorists are slaughtering innocent people across Iraq and Syria, including innocent Americans.  Meanwhile, we hear from the defense department that possibly hundreds of radicalized Americans are actually in Iraq and Syria at this moment fighting alongside the enemy.”

“For all of this, the President has been slow to move, and so far his foreign policy has been unsteady and incoherent.  And how about we start with those American jihadists and their American passports?”

“As a senator I submitted a bill called the Terrorist Expatriation Act, and I pledge to submit it again as soon as the next Congress convenes.  It should be the law of this country that if a citizen joins a foreign terrorist organization with the intent to kill us, he loses the right to be called an American.  I want every one of these guys to know: If your loyalty is gone, then your citizenship is gone, your passport is cancelled, and lots of luck with your new friends because you’re out of here for good.”

“All of these jihadists need to be dealt with where they are.  If it’s going to happen at all, then America has to lead.  And for America to lead we need to stop all the careless cutting in defense, and start rebuilding the military power of this country.”

“Second only to being a husband and a father, the greatest privilege of my life has been to serve in the Army and wear the uniform of my country for almost 35 years.  In the military, there are no other agendas, except personal duty, and working together in the interest of America.”

“We could sure use more of that spirit in Washington … more people serving a higher cause than their own party … thinking for themselves and working for the common good … and I promise to be that kind of senator – nobody’s senator but yours.”

“To every New Hampshire voter, whatever your party: These next eight weeks are a time for choosing, and I promise to give the job everything I’ve got.  If we haven’t met, please come out to our town halls … our rallies and other events … because I want to hear from you, and I need your support.  You know who I am, and you know what I believe.  And if we haven’t met three times yet, then let’s work that out, because I’m asking for the honor of your vote.”

“And should I have the privilege of becoming your United States senator, you can be sure of this.  I will answer only to you, the people of New Hampshire.  I’m nobody’s yes man, nobody’s rubber stamp.  Putting New Hampshire first will not be bumper-sticker rhetoric – it will be my mission every day.  I will give the job all that is in me, every day that I serve.  I won’t forget who sent me, who is counting on me, and I will strive every day to make New Hampshire proud.  God bless you, thank you, and I’ll see you on the trail.”