Paul:  In town to endorse Brown, promote unity

Paul: In town to endorse Brown, promote unity

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul will be in the Granite State tomorrow and has a busy agenda.  It starts with an appearance at the G O P’s unity breakfast and includes a campaign stop with G O P U S Senate nominee Scott Brown at which

Paul will offer his endorsement.  The conservative Paul has been stumping around the country for Republican candidates in the hopes of winning a majority in the Senate and as part of what most observers believe is the run up to announcing a presidential campaign.  We’ve published Brown’s election night speech in its entirety and linked to it from this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.


The White House:  Current occupant addresses nation

The White House: Current occupant addresses nation

Speaking of presidential, the guy who occupies the White House gave made a statement last night regarding our nation’s response to the rising threat of ISIS, which he calls ISIL, and the beheading of two American journalists, both of whose murders hit home here in the Granite State.  Using words that must have the terrorists and world leaders like Vlad the Impaler Putin quaking in their boots, the man who plunged Iraq into darkness when he pulled up stakes and left said quote “This is a core principle of my presidency:  If you threaten America, you will find no safe haven.” end quote.  The same man who said America was leading from behind in Lybia, said he welcomed the responsibility to lead the fight against ISIS.  And, the same man who, along with his administration, classified the terror attack of Major Nidal Hassan as an incidence of work place violence, last night declared that ISIL and the people who yell Allah Akbar, Arabic for God is Great, as they’re murdering their victims like Hassan, and basically say they’re taking orders from the Quran to wage jihad in God’s name, aren’t Muslims.  Oh, and after arming ISIS in Syria in an attempt to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Asaad, the occupant of the White House now wants to arm so called moderates to overthrow Assad.  The aforementioned Senator Paul reacted to all this last night by reminding everybody that we’re in this mess today because this administration thought it was a great idea to topple the secular leaders in Egpyt, Syria, Lybia and other places in the Middle East that were keeping a lid on these Islamic extremists in the first place.  Oh, and after tens of thousands of Christians and other religious minorities have been slaughtered and forced from their homes as their churches have been burned to the ground, the current occupant of the White House has said America must intervene to protect their lives and property in their ancient lands.  This is like waiting for the house to burn to the ground before calling the fire department.


Shaheen:  Another fundraiser with another DC lobbyist

Shaheen: Another fund raiser with another DC lobbyist…right, she’s doing it for NH!

Meanwhile, the New Hampshire Republican Party called on Senator Jeanne Shaheen Health Care Queen, to ditch a fund raiser she planned in Washington, DC last night at the posh Georgetown home of Bill Broydrick, a prominent Washington lobbyist who was a client of Jeane Palfrey, the world famous DC Madame who ran a high end prostitution ring, remember her?  Broydrick also plead guilty to providing gifts illegally to a Wisconsin state senator.  I wonder if Shaheen interrupted the swanky affair to watch the man with whom she’s voted ninety nine percent of the time do his best Ronald Reagan impersonation to the laughter of our enemies and the dismay of those who care about the country around the world.  

Oh, speaking of Shaheen, be sure to read the article we published yesterday from Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers and anchor of our A Question of Voter Fraud segment about Shaheen and her connection to fraudulent voters like Caitlin Ann Legacki.  It’s at Girard at Large dot com and we’ve linked to it from this newscast, of course

News from our own backyard continues after this.


Gatsas;  Teachers ratify contract

Gatsas; Teachers ratify contract

As you heard yesterday in our interview with Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas, Manchester’s teachers have approved a proposed contract that could end the stalemate that’s left them without a contract for more than a year.  Gatsas said the key features were a restructuring of the teacher’s health benefits, increasing to between twenty and twenty five percent the amount of the premium participants will pay, increasing insurance copays and deductibles, adding more cash to the incentive to encourage senior teachers to retire, creating a new step system for newly hired teachers in the district, steps are the automatic pay raises teachers get for their first fourteen years of service.  The current system provides teachers with an average automatic pay raise of five and a half percent, not including any cost of living increases.  The documents forwarded by the mayor’s office do not contain either the current step scale nor the one proposed for new hires which the mayor says restrains the growth of the salary line.  The Board of School Committee gave the proposal tentative approval at its meeting on August twenty fifth.  Having been ratified by the teachers, both the school board and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen have to approve the contract before it goes into effect.  We’ve posted the proposed contract for your review with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.

from bow police from bow police (2)The Bow Police Department took a report from Grappone Toyota on the theft of scrap metal that took place on Sunday, the 7th around 5PM.   The suspect vehicle appears to be a black Ford Ranger pick up truck with an extended cab.  There is a Monster energy drink decal on the driver’s side hood.   Anyone with information regarding this truck, is asked to call the Bow Police Department at 2 2 8 0 5 1 1.  If you wish to remain anonymous you can contact Crimeline at 2 2 6  3 1 0 0.  We’ve posted pictures of the truck received from the Bow Police Department with this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.

New facilities to open

New facilities to open (this is the old one)

The New Hampshire Liquor Commission is opening its new, state-of-the-art, twenty thousand square-foot N H Liquor & Wine Outlet this morning at nine at the northbound Hooksett Welcome Center on Interstate 93.  As part of the renovations of the Hooksett Welcome Centers, the commission is building two new outlets to anchor the new service centers.  At more than double the size of the existing stores, spirit and wine selections will increase by fifty percent, introducing customers to the hottest new brands and more exclusive finds.  The Liquor Commission projects sales will increase by six million dollars as a result of the new facilities.

9-11Finally this morning, today is the 13th anniversary of Nine Eleven.  I remember exactly where I was when I first heard about the attack and I’m sure you do too.  Please be sure to reflect on that day, to pray for those whose lives were lost or otherwise forever changed, and consider who and what we have become as a people and a nation since that day.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is straight ahead!

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