Sid Glassner(Hour 3a, b, c)

(Hour 3a) Senior Fellow Sid Glassner understands why the educrats want to complicate something as simple as basic math.  For control.

It’s all about power.  More power for the central planners in Washington DC that think they know best.  And there’s no better example than Common Core.

Glassner discussed some of the misleading statements that have bamboozled local school officials hook, line and sinker.

(Hour 3b) Glassner will be watching the upcoming debates closely.  How many questions about public education will be asked?  If history tells Sid anything, there won’t be many.

Glassner stressed the need for a genuine in-depth discussion about public education on the local level.  Sid also commented on the genuine innovation that is being usurped by federal programs like Common Core and No Child Left Behind.

Too many people are in the dark on these important issues.  Do the folks in charge want it that way?

We discussed the “in the dark” process of the Manchester Academic Standards, propaganda vocabulary practiced by proponents of Common Core and the “Praise without Proof” dog & pony show happening from here to San Francisco.

(Hour 3c) Glassner reaffirmed the need for LOCAL control, and how it is being undermined by our elected representatives.

Also, the “corrupted goals” of Common Core; SB48 undermined by the US DOE and NH DOE; federal mythology (malarkey) and challenging it, and them, with HARD QUESTIONS.