Donna Green(Hour 1b, c)

(Hour 1b) Timberlane Regional School Board member Donna Green came in to update us on her battles against Superintendent Earl Metzler and his “willing accomplices” in Plaistow, NH.

Green’s most recent beefs: a no-bid consulting contract that was awarded to Metzler’s wife without ANY public discussion, Right to Know requests for “information that doesn’t exist” and BIG increases in spending despite BIGGER decreases in enrollment.

(Hour 1c) Green reviewed her ongoing feuds with SB members and a school district employee to obtain public records that she, and the public, are absolutely entitled to.

We got the dirty details on the “investigation” by Lt. William Baldwin of the Plaistow Police Department and Baldwin’s refusal to release a security video that would exonerate her against claims of harassment.

Despite all of the escapades by Metzler & Company, Green is encouraged by March election results, public feedback and citizen activists getting involved.  We also got a call from Hooksett SB member John Lyscars, who saluted Green for her quest for truth in government.

Green also addressed the letter of censure and the “70 inaccuracies” claimed by her critics (that has since dwindled down to 16).  Read Donna Green’s blog