Ross Terrio(Hour 3b, c)

(Hour 3b) Who knew that Ross Terrio’s visit would turn into a bonus edition of A Question of Voter Fraud?

The candidate for NH State Rep. in Manchester’s Ward 7 had MUCH to say about outside groups influencing our elections and he gave us the details on two personal encounters.

What is Terrio’s take onVoter Fraud & Voter ID laws?

(Hour 3c) Terrio put in a plug for Cote Aubin, who is also running for NH State Rep., before addressing other issues.

NH’s highest in the nation energy costs, Northern Pass, Climate Change, carbon credits, Immigration, Obamcare and the $4.5 MILLION cadillac tax that is coming to Manchester for those comfy healthcare plans taxpayers provide City workers with.

Terrio turned the tables on Rich and asked him if he had any political ambitions.  Rich Girard for Alderman at Large?

Terrio also addressed job-killing government regulations with a story about a local businessman who was almost “runoff.”

Visit Ross Terrio and Cody Aubin, State Rep. Manchester Ward 7