Winter Parking Rules announced in Bedford, Goffstown

Winter Parking Rules announced in Bedford

The Bedford Police Department has issued notice advising the town that Winter Parking Rules went into effect on November First and will remain in effect until April First.  In between the two dates, no person shall park any motor vehicle on any public highway between the hours of midnight and 8:00 a.m. or at any other time in such a manner as to impede snow removal operations.  Any vehicle parked in violation may be towed and will only be released to the owner only upon payment of the cost of towing.  Violators will also be subject to a penalty not to exceed $ 2 5.00 for each offense.  B P D asks that you please not park overnight on any public roads.

Winter Parking Rules announced in Goffstown and Bedford

Winter Parking Rules announced in Goffstown

The Goffstown Police Department announced that town’s Winter Parking Rules will take effect on November 15.  It terminates on April fifteenth.  Their notice warns they strictly enforce violations of the overnight parking ban, but if weather conditions are favorable, written warnings may be issued during the first week of the ban.  If, during snow removal operations, a vehicle is parked so as to constitute a hazard, it will be towed after all reasonable attempts to locate the owner have been exhausted.  If you have any questions concerning the winter parking ban, please call the Goffstown Police Department at 4 9 7 4 8 5 8.

Closed for Election Day (Bow Town Hall, too)

Closed for Election Day (Bow Town Clerk is closed, too)

The Town Clerk in Bow has announced its office will be closed on tomorrow.  Apparently, their entire staff will be working at the polls.  Yes, tomorrow is Election Day, but I’m sure I don’t need to tell members of this audience that!

Also, officials in Manchester, have announced City Hall will be closed tomorrow, though I suspect the offices in the City Hall Annex, which include the offices of the Tax Collector and Planning and Community Development departments will be open.  So, you’ll still be able to register your car and be hassled on the way to not getting any building permits.  No reason for them to get a day off.

Shaheen, Hassan get Hillary visit

Shaheen, Hassan get Hillary visit

Speaking of Elections.  The presumptive two thousand sixteen nominee of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton was in the state yesterday stumping for incumbent Democrats Jeanne Shaheen, Health Care Queen, Margaret Wood Hassan, Carol Shea Porter and Ann McLane Kuster.

In an amusing press release, G O P Chair Jennifer Horn, singled out Shaheen writing quote:  “Hillary Clinton and Jeanne Shaheen share one thing in common – they have both supported Obama’s failed leadership, which has left America weaker at home and around the world.  To change direction, we need to change senators. Scott Brown is an independent leader who will be a check and balance on Obama, not a blank check like Jeanne Shaheen.”  Included in the release was an amazing series of statements made by Clinton crediting the leadership of the current occupant of the White House on matters of the economy and foreign policy.  Hillary supporters countered the criticism saying that just like businesses don’t create jobs, Hillary Clinton didn’t praise Barack Obama.  Anyway, we’ve posted their release documenting the reminders Hillary will forget like they never happened and linked to it from this news read at Girard at Large dot com.

Oh, and if that didn’t catch your attention, in a recent interview, former G O P presidential nominee Mitt Romney said he hadn’t ruled out another run for the White House.  I think I’m gonna let that one sit with you for  a bit.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Tri Town Times BannerThe Timberlane Tax Train has rolled into the town of Sandown and the selectmen is trying to figure out what to do with it.  From our partners at the Tri-Town Times, we’ve learned the Board of Selectmen will hold a special meeting tonight to determine the overall tax rate.  Town administrator Lynne Blaisdell presented draft numbers to the board at its regular meeting on Monday, Oct. 27, but outstanding questions on those numbers prompted the board to schedule a special meeting to give Blaisdell time to obtain more information.  The numbers presented had the new rate going to $2 7 . 5 9, which is 5 1 cents more than the current rate.  However, digging into the numbers, it’s clear the town is trying to further offset a six percent hike in the local school tax.  The municipal tax rate, which the board controls, is actually down thirteen percent.  Selectman Stephen Brown questioned whether or not it was possible to use some of the town’s undesignated fund balance, which is more or less a town emergency fund, to lower the tax rate and wanted to know how much it would take to have a zero tax rate increase.  That will be the nub of the discussion tonight.

Arthur & Donna Green:  Making the case against using town funds to offset school spending.

Arthur & Donna Green: Making the case against using town funds to offset school spending.

In related stories, the Timberlane Regional School District is blaming a change to the formula governing the state’s education adequacy grant for the tax hike, arguing they’d have more funding under the old formula.  In a reply, Timberlane Budget Committee Member Arthur Green basically said not so fast; declining enrollments are the culprit, not to mention higher spending.  School Board Member Donna Green has called on the Board of Selectmen not to use the town’s hard earned emergency funds to lower taxes.  She says it will just encourage the school district to spend more money and jeopardize the town’s finances.  Don’t you worry, we’ve linked to all the Oh My HEAD! details from this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.

David Nixon

David Nixon, Esq. RIP

Prominent Manchester Attorney David Nixon passed away over the weekend.  Nixon, who was recently appointed to the Manchester Police Commission by Mayor Ted Gatsas, had battled cancer and recently suffered broken hip.  Nixon was eighty two.  He’d been active in Democratic Politics for several decades, rising to be President of the Senate.  He would challenge Governor Meldrim Thompson in ninteen seventy four.  More recently, he was elected state representative from Manchester and was instrumental in raising money for the city ‘s new senior center building, which is located on the West Side.  He passed Saturday at the Mt. Carmel Nursing Home surrounded by members of his family.  David Nixon was a consummate gentleman and professional who gave much of himself to others and the community.  It was an honor to know him and we offer our sincere condolences to his loved ones, friends and associates.

That’s news from our own backyard, Girard at Large hour ___ is next.

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