Sid Glassner(Part 1) Legislation in Concord, Vocabulary Propaganda

Senior Fellow Sid Glassner discussed themore than two dozen bills introduced in Concord that could affect every student in NH in 2015 and beyond.

Also, some of the “vocabulary propaganda” being used to sell Common Core.

(Part 2) Pont’s Passion: Informing Parents on Common Core

Angela Pont is a Portsmouth parent that has made it her mission to inform every parent about the dangers of Common Core and the high stakes testing that accompanies it.

Pont explained how the smarter balanced assessment tests are unfair to teachers and detrimental to students.

(Part 3) Part 2 of Pont’s Passion: Informing Parents on Common Core

Pont shared in detail some of the personal battles she’s engaged in confronting Common Core advocates and what NH Board of Education Chairman Tom Raffio said that absolutely validate her efforts.

Also, academically bankrupt test prep for teaching to the tests of Common Core and why parents should opt their children out.