Rhoda Summers, Rebecca Capo(Hour 1a) Rhoda Sommer, Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach’s show Get Real, Get Healthy set sail today.  She was joined by Rebecca Capo,  Nutritionist and owner of Anytime Fitness.  Rhoda talked about many of the diet trends happening out there and if they hold any merit.  Rebecca finished out the segment by talking about running and how she has accomplished many milestones hitting the pavement.  She gave encouragement to future runners and talked about the many different programs new runners to use when beginning a regimen.


(Hour 1b) Rhoda and Rebecca talked about how diet is an important aspect of getting healthy. Rebecca talked about her experience as a nutritional counselor. We learned about how tracking your food intake is important when trying to keep goals and why EVERYTHING you eat counts when you’re journaling. Find out why portion control is vital!


(Hour 1c) A call was taken from DJ Dave and discussion was brought up to Rhoda and Rebecca about mind sets. They addressed how your mind can get you in trouble the way when trying to stay on tract. It’s all about eliminating that “Stinkin Thinkin” says Sommer. Get tips to break through mental trials you may face when beginning a work by listening below