Rebecca Capo and Rhoda Sommers(1a) Rebecca Capo, owner of Anytime Fitness in Northwood, joined Rhoda in studio as co host again for a very interactive show. We tackle some tough questions about personal trainers, play some training true or false with Captain Chris and Josh, and leave just enough room for some laughs.  Tune in to find out if stretching before a workout will hurt you or help you, if low fat and no sugar added foods will help you lose weight faster, and if High Intensity Interval Training is a good exercise for everyone.

(1b) The burning question is asked: does a pound of fat weigh more then a pound of muscle? Rhoda says this is a common question for trainers, and this kicks us into a magnificent myth busting game!  Find out if brown rice, brown breads, and brown pastas are as good for you as they say- and is running a form of strength training?  This and more are explored in today’s fitness segment!

(1c) Special guest DJ Dave from Girard at Large calls in to discuss the fitness journey he has recently started to take on.  Rhoda gives all of us some tips to tackle the real struggles in weight loss, including how to diet!  Is it okay to cheat every once in a while?  What can we do when we aren’t at home?  Rhoda and Rebecca have got you covered in today’s Get Real, Get Healthy!