Dining Detectives(1a) Susan Laughlin and Helen Ryba launched their show “Dining Detectives.”  Is baking becoming a lost art?  Would you want yoga at your inn?  Our hosts are joined by their friends from the Bedford Village Inn to discuss all of this and more!  Don’t forget about restaurant week, because they’ve got a three-course meal on the menu for lunch and dinner!  Ready for some creative and casual cuisine?  Look no further- Susan and Helen have got you covered!




(1b) CQ Coffee Roasters from Bedford came in to talk coffee.  From the bean to the cup, they gave us the run down on coffee and let us know how special theirs is.  Don’t let their competitors fool you- while most companies accept all or most coffee beans, they reject 80% of their potential coffee beans due to their high quality standards.  Plus, what’s in common with coffee and wine?  We talk flavor profiles, and even get a taste test!  Stop by and give their coffee a try, where the coffee is always roasted to order.



(1c) Chelsea paid us a visit from Fitness Pastries.  Goodies galore are explored, even some gluten free for those whose tummies can’t take the wheat.  She gives us the scoop on pie day weekend awards and more in this sweet segment!