(Hours 3a,b,c) Mayor Ted GatsasRich talked to us about the battle brewing over the Hooksett School budget.  He pointed out the contention over a default budget and told us about the school districts increase in spending.  We were then joined by Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.  He and Rich discussed the following:

  • Cheap, Harmful, Manufactured Fentanyl
  • Concerns About Task Force
  • Funding of Drug Court

(Hour 3b) We continued with Mayor Gatsas.  He and Rich talked about:

  •  Telephone Number for Addicts
  • The Needle Exchange Program
  • Drug Court
  • Mayor’s Wristband

(Hour 3c) The Mayor joined us for a third segment this morning.  The conversation centered around:

  • City’s Budget Process
  • Workman’s Comp, IEP’s and the Teacher’s Contract
  • Parker Varney and Gossler Park’s Involvement with PACE Assessment
  • Controversy Around ‘Christmas’
  • Concerns After Tragedy at San Bernadino