State Senator Martha Fuller Clark (D-Portsmouth) proposed a new tax.  Given that she knowingly housed out of state residents and allowed them to vote from her home, the irony was a bit much for Ed Naile, our A Question of Voter Fraud segment anchor, who submitted this Op. Ed. to ignore  ~Publis

A NH Legislator has come up with a brilliant idea to raise money for the government.

How about this for a new law?

Tax every hotel room in a municipality that adopts this proposed legislation, only occupied ones that is.  That new tax to be recorded and sent to the municipality.

The “hotel room” in this new legislation would be defined as in RSA 78-A:3, III.

Under this statute hotels are described in this fashion:

“ The term includes, but is not limited to, inns, motels, tourist homes and cabins, ski dormitories, ski lodges, lodging homes, rooming houses, furnished room houses, boarding houses, private clubs, hostels, cottages, camps, chalets, barracks, dormitories, and apartments.”

Under the old saying, “truth is stranger than fiction,” look who is sponsoring the legislation.


AN ACT relative to the enactment of ordinances by municipalities permitting an assessment on hotel occupancy for the use of municipal services.

SPONSORS: Sen. Fuller Clark, Dist 21

If this bill is adopted I would like to suggest an amendment to the definition of “hotel” in RSA 78-A:III to include “Private rooms in million dollar residences, located in exclusive Historic Districts, of elected officials who let out-of-state- vote thieves stay in their homes to work on campaigns, who then stay on our NH voter rolls for most of a decade.

Since State Senator Martha Fuller Clark knowingly lets out of state vote thieves like Arkansas Attorney, Bryan Gregory Griffith, campaign and vote in NH from her Voter Fraud Motel in Portsmouth, NH could pick up a few bucks from her fat wallet each election cycle.

What is Bryan Gregory Griffith doing these days?

Seems he is still a lawyer.