The home where police Nina Obukhov killed her self and two young daughters.

The home where police Nina Obukhov killed her self and two young daughters.

Attorney General Joseph A. Foster, New Hampshire State Police Colonel Robert L. Quinn, and Bedford Police Chief John J. Bryfonski announced additional information regarding the three individuals who were found dead in Bedford.  The three deceased have been identified as thirty four year old Nina Obukhov, her eight year old daughter Katherine Obukhov and her six year old daughter Elizabeth Obukhov.  According to a statement issued by Foster yesterday, Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Thomas A. Andrew has determined the causes of death in each instance to be a gunshot wound to the head.  The manner of death for the children has been determined to be homicide and, while the manner of death for their mother is still pending investigation, based on the information to date, the deaths appear to the result of a murder-suicide where the mother shot and killed her two daughters and then turned the gun on herself.  The investigation is ongoing.

Mara:  Wants dialogue with neighborhood watch groups

Mara: Wants dialogue with neighborhood watch groups

The Manchester Police Department hosted a city-wide Community Watch Group meeting last night at Police Headquarters on Valley Street.  Chief David J. Mara and Captain James Soucy were on site to speak with the various watch group captains from all areas of Manchester.  The purpose of the meeting was to bring the leadership of the neighborhood watches together to open a dialogue to see how the police could better serve the specific needs within their neighborhoods.

Makes budget summary doc available to public

Makes budget summary doc available to public

The New Hampshire House Speaker’s Office has made the budget briefing book given to House members yesterday available to the public.  We’ve posted the link to the thirty four page document, which provides a division by division summary of the committee’s budget recommendations in bullet point form, from this newscast at Girard at Large dot com.  The outline also shows the Fincance Committee’s revenue projections in contrast to those made by Her Highness The Governess Margaret Wood Hassan.  To say the difference between the two is a yawning gap over the two year cycle is something of an understatement.

Gatsas:  To give Budget Address tonight.

Gatsas: To give Budget Address tonight.

A programming note:  Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas will deliver his much awaited Budget Address tonight in the Aldermanic Chambers at City Hall.  The fun begins at 7 and we’ll be there to blog it live.  Follow along with us and offer your comments in the Live Blog Forum, located under the Oh My BLOG! tab at Girard at Large dot com.

News from our own backyard continues after this.

Senate:  Party line vote approves voter bill

Senate: Party line vote approves voter bill

The New Hampshire Senate passed a bill last week that supporters say would restore meaningful elections by better defining voter domiciles and residency requirements for individuals voting in New Hampshire elections.  S B 1 7 9 would add a thirty day domicile requirement to the existing voting law and was amended to include the changes that were proposed in S B 4, which replaces the definition of domicile for voting purposes to more clearly identify New Hampshire citizens who are legally eligible to vote in the state.

Carson:  Voter fraud measures

Carson: Voter fraud measures

The changes in this bill were sponsored by District Fourteen Senator Sharon Carson, Republican from Londonderry, and have the backing of Secretary of State Bill Gardner, who had a lot to say about voting registration abuses on this show more than two years ago.  Carson blamed vagaries in current law for the abuses any honest person can observe are taking place.  Quote “Secretary of State Bill Gardner and I worked to produce a bill that would not only clarify the meaning of being a legal resident for voting purposes, but would do so without infringing on an individual’s right to vote.”

Birdsell:  Changes bring clarity

Birdsell: Changes bring clarity

District Nineteen Senator Regina Birdsell, Republican from Hampstead, said passing the bill was essential because quote “New Hampshire’s voter residency and domicile requirements have been unclear and open to misinterpretation for years.”  The bill passed on a straight party line Roll Call vote in the senate with every Republican in favor, except Rochester Senator Sam Cataldo who was absent, and every Democrat against.  That means it’s headed for a veto after it passes the house, folks, unless we turn up the pressure.   We’ve linked to the bill and the Roll Call vote for your convenience from this news read at Girard at Large dot com.

Smart:  Giving away computers for Celts

Smart: Giving away computers for Celts

Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart, former Celtic Leon Powe and Celtic mascot “Lucky” the Leprechaun will join students of the Hillside Middle School in Manchester, today to unveil a state-of-the art technology lab.  The Celtics and Southern New Hampshire University purchased thirty new Chromebook computers, as well as a sixty inch T V and cart for the lab.  Additionally, the Celtics and SNHU have completely renovated the room, purchased new furniture and installed wall graphics.  The lab will be available for Hillside students and teachers both during and after school as an educational center.  During the ninety minute event, there will be an online scavenger hunt where students will learn about the Celtics, Manchester, Marcus Smart and SNHU using the donated technology before attending a school-wide pep rally.

Bracy:  Wins award

Bracy: Wins award

The New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics awarded the Fernand J. Prevost Mathematics Teaching Award to Goffstown High School mathematics teacher, Nate Bracy last Wednesday, March twenty fifth. The NHTM, a local affiliate of the National Association of Teachers of Mathematics, presents the Prevost award yearly to recognize a new teacher who shows commitment to good mathematics, confidence that all children can learn, a spirit of self reflection and professional curiosity and caring and concern for colleagues.  Bracy is a 2002 Goffstown High School graduate.  He began his teaching career at Goffstown High School in 2013 after having serving as a special education paraprofessional there for six years.  Our congratulations to Bracy on a job well done.