Naile:  Where's the outrage?

Naile: Where’s the outrage?

Republicans in NH seem to like a good beating now and then by their political opponents and the media –when they are not slapping the snot out each other.  Case in point; the Red Tailed Hawk/Planned Parenthood extravaganza in the NH House a few weeks ago. I don’t even have to explain what happened after a State Rep. had the audacity to pitch a slight backhand at the abortion industrial complex during a mock legislative action for kids.

And now we have what is being treated as “mockery” committed by a Democrat lefty who suggested NH use euthanasia to handle our current budget for NH’s elderly.

The daily caller has video:

The fact is euthanasia is always a goal of the progressives in New Hampshire and anywhere else.  It’s not like we haven’t had euthanasia bills proposed in the past.

In 2013 the House heard HB 403 to set up a commission full of “experts” to investigate “death with dignity.”

Back in January 13, 2010, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 242-113 to stop House Bill 304, a bill that would have allowed the terminally ill to end their lives.

The State Rep. who was “mockingly” suggesting euthanasia, Rep. Michael Cahill, wasn’t joking.  He would vote for that in a heart beat as liberal Democrats have in the past and will again if the opportunity ever presents itself.

No, Rep. Cahill stepped in it at a time when obedient progressives and the media should be constantly attacking conservatives not exposing their hopes and dreams. That is why the Democrat euthanasia story was a two day event about mocking the Republican’s budget and the Red Tailed Hawk story will linger on as a horror story.

The Republican lawmaker who was suggesting the Red Tailed Hawk was similar to Planned Parenthoods was joking.

Democrat Rep. Cahill was not joking about euthanasia.

Why Republicans don’’t exploit the opportunity to trot euthanasia out as a Democrat budget tool and thank Rep. Michael Cahill for the gift eludes me.

Submitted by Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers and anchor ofA Question of Voter Fraud on Girard at-Large in the Morning.