Elementary School Children Forced to Yell Vulgarities at a Life-Size Paper Man, While Ripping Him to Shreds––in the Classroom.

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Article has been updated after receiving additional details from Ms Auger, the Assistant Principle at Hallsville School.

The details of what happened to the young children of Hallsville Elementary School on April 15, 2015, has some parents shocked to the point of taking their children out of the public school system completely, and left the assistant principle, Ms Auger, cold with dread and a sincere disbelief that this could happen in her school.

When confronted by the parents of one of the students involved, the teacher of said student, Mr Ryder, confirmed that the events did happen exactly as the student claimed and that he could not stop it since the principle of the school, Ms Christi Michaud, had ordered it to happen, making it something that he had no choice but to go along with. Ryder claims it was completely out of his control, though he had a smug look on his face and smiled a lot while he told the story.

According to students, and confirmed by at least one teacher, these are the events that took place in Mr Ryder’s 4th grade classroom on April 15, 2015, at approximately 12:30 pm:

It was right after lunch. The children were settling into the seats, preparing for the rest of the school day activities, when a stranger enters the room. The students have never met or seen this women before, but the teacher welcomed her in. Her name was Laurie Evens, and she was from Webster Guidance. Her purpose was to teach a lesson on bullying. The woman proceeded to setup her display: a life-size paper man that she taped to the wall, a small blue basket, and a handful of paper clippings.

The woman passed out the small pieces of paper to the class and told the young children that they had to write down a swear word (or phrase). It had to be a swear and it had to be something that someone has said to them in the past. She then collected the pieces of paper from the students into her blue basket and mixed them up.

“Now, I’m going to pick one of you, and when I pick you, you will have to come take a slip of paper from the basket.” She told the children that they had to read whatever was written on the paper out loud, so the entire class could hear. “Say it like you mean it,” she declared. The children had to yell the vulgarities at the life-size paper man. The woman then instructed the children to rip a piece of the paper man off: like his hand, his finger, an ear, etc… She then proceeded to demonstrate by pulling a piece of paper out of the basket, shouted the phrase at the paper man, and ripped off one of his fingers. She then turned to the class and picked the first child to get up to do the same.

Many of the children protested, saying that they did not want to read the swears (such as “F#@K YOU!”, “You Gay Whore!”, and “You F@#KER!”) out loud. But they were told that they had to do it. The only option those kids were given was to pick a different paper, but they had to do it. They were not given the option to just sit down and not participate.

After all of the children had yelled vulgarities at the paper man and had ripped the man to pieces (only his head was left stuck to the wall), the woman then told the children that they had to go back up, in the same order that they went to swear at the paper man, and tape the pieces they had ripped off back on and then apologize for what they had said. When the children had finished taping the paper man back together, it looked a mess (as one might expect). It wasn’t even recognizable.

The moral of the story, according to the stranger that visited the class that day, was that when you swear at someone, that person can never be put back together again.

The stranger left the class, leaving the frankenstein’s monster of a paper man taped to the wall for the children to look at the rest of the day.

The 4th grade teacher, Mr Ryder, was very pleased with the lesson and expressed is pleasure to his young impressionable students before moving on to another lesson.

“I think the thing that upsets me the most,” one parent explains, “is that we were not told ahead of time that this type of lesson was going to be taught to our kids. I would have kept my son home that day.”

A grassroots parents movement to have the principle, Ms Christi Michaud, fired from her position at Hallsville Elementary School (or at least stiffly reprimanded) has begun in full force and a petition that will be sent to the Superintendent of Schools for Manchester, NH has been started and can be found and signed at:


This article was submitted by Keith Katsikas, parent of a student in the 4th grade class that was subjected to this “lesson.”