We publish this Op Ed piece as submitted by Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers and anchor of A Question of Voter Fraud on Girard at Large.



Let’s play a little guessing game!

This low-life scum that sent the fake press release about Republican House of Representatives Candidate Yvonne Dean-Bailey in next Tuesday’s special election has admittedly violated NH Election Law. The portion of the law he violated is in the Criminal Code RSA 666.6 so it will be hard to pretend it is a nonexistent.

The Attorney General’s Office is charged with prosecuting election law violations when they feel like it. That statute is RSA 7:6-c which is rendered toothless in the very first sentence:

7:6-c Enforcement of the Election Laws. –

  1. Upon receipt of a signed written complaint, or upon his or her own motion, the attorney general may in his or her discretion,…

I have little regard for what investigation the NH Attorney General’s Office will conduct or duck in the matter of admitted and repeated fake email hoaxer Carl Gibson who works for Democrats and Democrat causes in a dozen states or so.

If the NH AG’s Office does offer up some feeble response to this most recent “prank” as the Concord paper calls it does anyone know the most important piece of information the will have to forget to provide?

Come on readers, you have been following politics in NH for a long time.

Take a guess.

Take the information you read in the NH media and try and figure out what the AG and so called press should be investigating.