Bradley:  Did tabling motion kill HB563?

Bradley: Did tabling motion kill HB563?

Charter school advocates aren’t happy with Thursday’s vote to table House Bill 5 6 3 in the New Hampshire Senate.  While the bill did pass on the initial vote, Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, Republican from Wolfeboro, moved to table it, preventing it from being sent to the Senate Finance Committee, leaving the bill “essentially dead,” according to The N H Center for Innovative Schools.

Reagan:  Hollow hailing of HB563's passage?

Reagan: Hollow hailing of HB563’s passage?

In a statement issued on Thursday, Senate Education Committee Chairman John Reagan hailed the bill’s passage and said it was tabled so it could be considered as part of the senate’s budget deliberations.  In an email to supporters, the center warned that charter schools “will start closing next year unless the Senate joins with the House to update the funding formula,” which has level funded charter schools since two thousand nine.  In that email, parents and other charter school advocates were encouraged to quote: “Stay involved and hold legislators accountable for their votes.  Republicans are in charge in the Senate and it is up to them to make this right.”  End quote.

NH Supreme Court:  Okay for non-residents to vote

NH Supreme Court: Okay for non-residents to vote

Looks like the New Hampshire Supreme Court is all for admitted out of state students being able to vote in New Hampshire’s elections.  Late last week, the court unanimously agreed with the ruling from the Strafford County Superior Court which struck down a 2012 voter registration law saying language that links voting to getting a driver’s license is unconstitutional and could discourage some people from casting ballots.  Looks like the court missed the point that the people it was designed to discourage from voting were those who did not live here and were not planing to live here, like the out-of-state college students that brought the suit.  Despite hundreds of years of legal history and precedent regarding the word domicile, the court asserted there was a basic difference between the term and “resident.”  That the two were used interchangeably in the statute was confusing, it opined, and deprived out of state studenst, among other non-residents, of the legal right to vote because they were domiciled here in state, even though the court admitted they were not residents…Oh My HEAD!

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Gibson:  Thanks to NH Supreme Court, will be able to vote in election he lied about.

Gibson: Thanks to NH Supreme Court, will be able to vote in election he lied about.

A so called prank last week has Democrats scrambling for cover in a special election that will elect a new state rep. to represent the towns of Candia, Northwood, Deerfield and Nottingham.  Republican Yvonne Dean-Bailey was the victim of a bogus press released issued by Carl Gibson, who worked for the campaign of Democratic candidate and former State Rep. Maureen Mann.  Gibson concocted and sent a false press release late last week to various media outlets as if it came from Dean-Bailey’s campaign claiming that Dean-Bailey was dropping out of the race.  In the Concord Monitor article we posted we received from a loyal listener on Friday, Gibson said it was a prank after one too many beers.

Naile:  Nabbed another

Naile: Nabbed another

Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of N H Taxpayers and anchor of our weekly segment on voter fraud says otherwise.  In Op Ed pieces that will be published after this morning’s show, Naile provides proof that Gibson has done this kind of thing before and believes it’s a calculated move to damage Dean-Bailey just days before an election.  Naile believes the A G will find a way to not prosecute, suggesting if they did, they’d also have to address whether or not this guy, a claimed resident of Madison, WI, has voted in NH elections.

Mosca:  Filed complaint

Mosca: Filed complaint

Manchester attorney Ed Mosca has filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office, which should have Gibson dead to rights for a clear violation of the state’s election laws, claiming it was intentionally done to suppress G O P voter turn out.  Mosca has also detailed the case on his blog.

The Monitor, by the way, Tweeted that Dean-Bailey had dropped out of the race before realizing it was a hoax

Londonderry Middle School: Tests go in, but never come out

Londonderry Middle School: Tests go in, but never come out

Londonderry parents Mark and Diane Sekula are demanding to see a math test their son failed at Londonderry Middle School.  According to an email received by Girard at Large, the couple’s son got 32/100 on a math test, however he answered all of the questions correctly.  The teacher marked him down because he quote “didn’t do the right kind of math so he lost points.”

common core math lesson

Is this what Londonderry Middle School is hiding?

Perplexed, the parents asked for the test to be sent home.  The school refused.  After a testy email exchange or two, the principal wrote they could pick up the test, but  had to sign a confidentiality agreement.  After reading the “confidentiality agreement” which was a paragraph written on school letterhead, they refused to sign because it forbade them for discussing the test with other students’ parents.  As a result, they were not allowed to leave with the test.  The district claims if they let them leave with the test, it could lead to students cheating.  They were also very troubled by the presence of the school’s resource officer during the visit, which they believed was intimidating.  Stay tuned!  This is bound to get more interesting.

Rails to Trails clean up in Goffstown today

Rails to Trails clean up in Goffstown today

In Goffstown, volunteers will be working on to clean Rails to Trails pathways from nine to five today.  Cars will be on the trail for the cleanup, just so you know.

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